A couple of weeks ago I had prayed for A while having lunch at a place during a seminar I was attending at my church.  See link below for “A future declared … Saturday 21st May 2011”.

I was back at te same place to have lunch on Saturday 4th June 2011 and I was hoping to see A to hear what had happened after I had prayed. I went to pay the bill and there he was.  I confirmed that it was him and he immediately said my name.  I was touched that he even remembered!

I asked him how he had got on.  He said he had got a job – he started in July (in just over a month) and he said that now he needed a mentor.  I looked and said “would you like me to pray for you again?” He said “yes” and gave me his hand immediately for more.

I prayed and called forth his mentor – stating that the teacher appears when the student is ready and I declared that A was ready.  As I prayed I got a picture of a little white weatherboard home.  I asked him if he was planning to move.  He said yes early next year, perhaps in January 2012.  I told him what I saw and said that God wanted to give it to him.  I suggested that he not be restricted by the “picture” I saw, but I said “… this is what I saw – a little while weatherboard house, single story with a yard in front”.

I then prayed for the vision to be fulfilled, finished up and thanked him for allowing me to pray for him again, saying how delighted I was for him that it had all come about for him so well and that my prayers had been answered for him … I left with him grinning.

As I was praying I half noticed the young girl that had taken my lunch oredr.  She had watched me as I prayed and she watched me as I walked over to collect my bag from the table.  She came towards me saying that she was “searching” or “seeking” or something along those lines.  I looked at her and said “do you want me to pray for you too?”  She readily agreed – I could feel her hunger for the Truth.

I had gone to lunch with a friend and so my friend came along side of the girl too, who was called “H”.  I said to her that she was seeking the Truth and she agreed.  I let her know I was a Christian and she said she was a Greek Orthodox and I added that she was on a journey of discovery (or something along those lines).  I prayed for her and my friend agreed, each of us placing a hand on each of her arms.  I declared a season of fertility, and declared a season of joy for her, seeing bubbles coming forth from her spirit.  I prayed a blessing and called her destiny open.  I thanked God that she would find the Truth and the Truth would set her free.

I gave her my name and numbers and invited her to call, explaining where I went to church.  She seemed very hungry for the truth and I invited her to call and ask any questions that she might have.  I asked if  could give her a hug which she readily agreed to and so I gave her a big cuddle in the middle of the restaurant and gave her a kiss on the cheek declaring and confirming how special she truly was.

I hope she calls.  I trust she will.  And if not me, then someone else, for she is seeking, and as she seeks the Truth will set her free for she is ready and open to see that …

God is Good!

Link for “A future declared … Saturday 21st May 2011″ http://godisgoodstories.com/2011/05/26/a-future-declared-%e2%80%a6-saturday-21st-may-2011/

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