On Tuesday 31st May 2011 I was tracking across the school oval to collect R from school when I got talking to a Mum of a child in R’s grade 2 class. Her son “S” was with her and had obviously stayed home.

I asked why S was with her and had not been to school (they were collecting his older brother). She told me that he was unwell and that the doctor had said that he either had glandular fever or a chest infection, that it would go either way in the next 24 hours and that it would be one or the either.

I felt God wanted me to offer to pray … well why wouldn’t He want me to pray that stuff is not from God! I offered and S’s Mum said yes … saying that she knew I did that sort of thing because a friend I had prayed for last year had told her that I was “really religious” – word had got around.

I placed my hand on S’s head and rebuked sickness. I cut the words spoken over him and released healing and health and blessing instead. I then stood by his side and placed my hand on his back and on his chest, feeling the “rattle” sound on the chest. I rebuked all infection and commanded his immune system to be healthy and well.

When I felt it was enough I finished praying and we continued to walk across the oval together. I said that I looked forward to hearing how S got on – the Dr’s were convinced that he was going to have one or the other – glandular fever or a chest infection. S was expected to have a blood test the following day.

By chance I spoke to the Mum on the phone 2 days later and asked how S had got on. She said that there had been no blood test, no glandular fever and no chest infection … Praise God!

She said it was just a viral infection and he would be returning to school the following day.

Well … all I can say is …

God is Good!

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