I was on my way to pop into a local food shop to purchase some food items.  As I parked I thought about going into a meat shop first, but felt that God was saying to go straight to the shop that I needed to go to.  I did, made my purchase, and felt God prompting me to offer to pray – that someone needed prayer.

I hesitated.  I was a regular.  They knew my son by name.  We have a gentle rapport; but, the closest I have got to disclosing anything about being a Christian was to buy them some flowers one day…

As I gathered my bag to leave I could not ignore the prompting.  It was clear that someone here needed prayer! I stopped and said “excuse me” … the woman who had served me came back to the counter.  I explained I was a Christian and said that I sometimes got very strong feelings that someone needs prayer, and when I do I always try offer to pray, even if I am embarrassed, and I retold my “Prayer in Coles” testimony, recounting how the girl in that story had said she needed “nothing”, but as I prayed a blessing for her she nearly started crying and told me that she had been told that she may have breast cancer, and she had asked me “how did I know?”.  With that story I asked if there was a prayer need here.

The woman called “R” looked at me, a bit embarrassed, and a bit surprised  and said “yes”.  It turns out her partner’s son and daughter-in-law had just had their first child (baby “O”) who was born 10 days ago.  Baby O could not swallow and was in ICU with a tube down his nose so he could feed.

I listened and she came around the counter as she spoke.  I asked for her hand and asked if I could put my hand on her throat (I felt I needed to).  I explained that I had prayed for a child that was teething and had put my hands on his Mum’s face and the teething problems had stopped and he had started sleeping through that night.  With that she agreed to me placing my hand on her throat.

I prayed and released healing.  I rebuked sickness and commanded Baby O to be able to swallow and told each section of the throat to be whole.  I rebuked any pyloric stenosis (which I had suffered from as a baby and I called in God’s vindication).  The anointing was strong as soon as R came over for the prayer, and kept coming, such that even R could feel it … I also prayed peace for the parents, a real peace that surpasses all knowledge and understanding.

I gave my name and number and said I would be happy to go in and pray for the baby if the parents wanted.  At this stage I was told the Mother was not well (mentally) and that the mental illness had been exacerbated by the birth etc.  So I again placed my hand on R’s head, rebuked schizophrenia and all other forms of mental illness and released peace again.

I thanked R for letting me pray saying “miracles do happen” to which she agreed and I waved goodbye.

After this I did pop into the other store for some meat, but I sense that the timing on this one was important.  For whatever reason I knew that God wanted me to go straight to their shop first … I do not know why, perhaps she would not have been open to prayer later … perhaps she would not have been available or she would have been busy … who knows, but I know the timing was important.

“There is a time for everything” (Ecc 3:1) … and R, and baby O’s time to be kissed by God was today for …

God is good!

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