I had been getting ready to go to church on Sunday morning and popped my I-pod into my back pocket to use on my trip out there.

I went to the bathroom, and suffice to say my I-pod went for a swim … a thorough swim in our loo.

We recovered the I-pod and dried it off as best we could. I had heard of a woman doing the same with her I-phone in a public toilet and thought “how on earth …”

Well here I was!

On my return from church I googled what to do and learning that water submersion was not covered under the warranty, we decided the best course of action was to take it into the closest Apple store to see if it could be revived.

My husband called Apple this morning to make an appointment. The guy over the phone said dropping the I-pod in water was not covered under warranty and therefore we would have to pay for the replacement at a reduced cost of $239. He called JB HiFi and found their best price was $294 and so we resigned ourselves to a replacement cost of $239 which, all considering, was not bad given that we (or rather I) had dunked it … and the original price was $300 or $400.

While waiting in the Apple store my husband asked for God’s favour. After a 30minute wait he overheard the person serving, say to the girl ahead of him that she could have a replacement for free and he thought “I’ll have the same please“.  The guy served him next and confirmed that the I-pod was indeed “dead”… but he then smiled at my husband and said that they would replace the I-pod free of charge!

The power of restitution, restoration and resurrection … ok it was not resurrected, but in this case, it was just as good as a resurrection!

Note: who knows, if they get it working they may get a healthy dose of Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Jason Westerfield or the Copelands … they may just get an ear full of Heaven, an ear full of God stories … and perhaps even a heart full too because …

God is good!

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