I was having lunch with a friend and we were running late to get back to our course that we were attending at church. We were at the register and I checked whether I needed to stop and pray for the guy that was taking care of our bill. I had thought “surely not God, we are running late and you did not get me to pray last week” (I had lunch there the week before) … but it seems that my “radar” is nearly always on, or God just jumped in … in any case I got a clear “yes, offer to pray.”

I was embarrassed. I was with a friend, who has also been stepping out (you have read some of her stories!) but even so, I was embarrassed, thinking “what will she think if I make a fool of myself?”

I stepped out anyway and offered to pray for the guy who was called “A”. I asked if there was anything he needed, was he ill, did he need healing?

The answer was “no” each time. I thought: “oh well I am going to offer to pray a blessing anyway”. He agreed and I asked for his hand. He gave it to me and I started to pay a blessing and then I got a “word” … the word was “study”.

I asked him about it and he said he was planning to do a Masters this year. I felt I got the word “provision” and asked if he needed provision. He said something about needing a job, it was to do with accounting or something … I did not quite catch it. I was still feeling acutely aware of my friends presence as I did this so I did not clarify … but prayed instead, praying favour, blessing and “provision” over and on him … I declared his destiny open and I said to him that he would get just the right job at just the right time and that it would all be ok …

He seemed a bit taken aback … but being embarrassed and also really late now I thanked him for letting me pay and left with my friend.

I still cringe a bit at the way I did the whole thing but I am glad that I stopped. I said to him I was a Christian, I prayed in Jesus name, it seemed I was hearing well enough regarding the study and the provision … and while I could have relaxed some more, I still know that he did have an encounter with God … I felt the anointing come, and I know God will honour and bless him with all I released in the name of Jesus …

We may not do it perfectly, but if we will at least do it we will change destinies … we just need to step out, offer, and pray … God will do the rest for …

God is Good!

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