I had to exchange a faulty item (for the second time) and so popped up to the shopping centre after school drop off … having first checked with God about my timetable for the morning, and feeling He wanted me to head up there rather than go home and spend some time there with Him …

Sensing I had an assignment I checked what level to park on and felt to park downstairs, walkthrough the lower level and head up to the store I needed.

I stopped to order a take away coffee. E served me. I had prayed for him about a year ago, and we had often had a brief chat since … The year previous was very powerful – for him and me. I had started getting words of knowledge about him and he nearly started crying saying that his God son’s funeral was the following day, he was struggling, his God son had just committed suicide a few days earlier. I also prophesied over him – he had many tough decisions to make then around the business but God had the answers coming … we were both moved deeply.

So yesterday, I ordered my coffee and while waiting went to buy some bread close by. There was another girl I had prayed for, about one month ago. She wanted to retire and I had prayed for her then. Knowing I had someone to pray for I asked her if she was the same person, not being 100% sure. She was, and I offered to pray again for her but she declined.

Feeling somewhat rejected and a bit knocked, I went to get my coffee and started to chat with E as he made the coffee orders. He started to tell me what had been going on for him. I looked at him hoping I would not get rejected again (and yes, I know it is not me they are rejecting, but it is still tough to take a deep breath and ask again). I offered to pray and Eric immediately said “yes”. He finished making the coffee and I sad “give me your hand” and he thrust it immediately across the counter for me to hold.

The anointing came and he looked visibly moved. I declared open doors for him, favour and prosperity, that all would go well. Telling hi m the story of how the destinies of others had opened. I felt God say – “that’s all” and I smiled, telling him I would miss seeing him around but wishing him the best … he was going to get a management job as well as run his business so he was not going to be around as much …

The sense of God remained on me, and I thanked God for the opportunity.

I went up and sorted out my purchase, ordering another replacement and popped upstairs about another matter. I saw someone I knew and had not seen for some time and stopped to say hello … wondering about “why” … perhaps a “chance” meeting perhaps not …

As I headed to return to my car, down the three levels, I caught the travelator with S, a cleaner with a hair lip, a beautiful attitude and a heart of gold. I had prayed for her at a pivotal time in my walk more than a year ago and she had been delightful. She was a Catholic, who recognised the presence of God immediately when I had prayed for her. I stood by her and asked how she was. She said great. I told her how amazing she was and asked if there was something she needed/wanted prayer for – she said no, and that she had to get to a meeting …

At the bottom of the travelator I saw C, who had sold me a number of tiaras late last year … She had done an amazing job in sourcing them for me and I had prayed for her a number of times since. She had become a Christian after I had met her and was plugged in with another church with some friends who had led her to Christ (see how the body works together – we all do our bit and Heaven is populated!).

I stopped and asked how her Dad was doing – he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer late last year. We had a chat, but I felt not to offer to pray again, just to encourage her.

I left thinking about the four people I had come cross at the shops. As a representative of Christ I believe I was reminding them all of Him and how He loved them. I thought about the week before and how He had come to revisit M (see post “He will always keep coming back to us”)…

We are His representative in the world … His ambassadors. We represent Him … or re-present Him … that does not mean we have to be perfect … thank goodness for I surely am not, but it does mean that we must offer Him to the world … and as we do, Heaven is populated for …

God is good!

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