Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.  I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” (Luke 18:16)

Late 2008 the fire had been burning brightly in my soul and I would physically feel it flare as I purposed myself towards God.  It continued to do so for some time, but there came a day when the flaring quieted and I began to question … had the fire subsided … or worse … had it gone out?  Had I let the fire of God go?

I was feeling quite tormented by this thought and was abstractly working on our BAS for our family business.  M was asleep (he was a toddler at the time) and R was about 4 years old.  As I worked she was sitting in my office and asking me how to spell different words.  I responded without giving the words she was asking about much thought … when she quietly came to me, looked at me intensely and stated “God said to give you this” … and she presented me with a sheet of paper with the following written across it in rainbow colours, and in capital letters:



It took my breath away!  Here was a four year old, quietly listening to God and giving her doubting Mummy a message of strength and purpose.  I burst out crying.  She looked worried and so as I cuddled her I confirmed how well she had heard, how her Mummy had doubted, and how we had a loving and remarkable God …

You would think I had got the message, but perhaps 6 months later I started doubting again.  I was turning things over in my mind, thinking again that perhaps the fire had gone out, I felt I had somehow failed and the embers were low … I was putting M and R into our car at the time and she quietly looked up at me as I helped her into the car.  She solemnly looked at me and stated …

God said “fire burns all the time mummy”

I started out of my inward focus very quickly and stood in awe of an amazing God, and a remarkable child, who was quietly delivering the word of God to a doubting Mother … who was walking in who she was called to be with a naturalness that took my breath away …

I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it … (Luke 18:16)

We had purposed in our hearts to plant the truth into our children and as we did to run as hard and fast as we could to establish a platform of integrity under them because how could we tell them to step up, if we did not do so too!

As soon as you start to plant seeds of Truth, the seeds will grow.  Children receive without question … perhaps we should too … and they in turn will call you on it … demanding that you walk into who you are …

And we must!  Walk in who we are, that is, else we lose the next generation through our own hypocrisy in refusing to walk in our true identity.  How can we call them into their destiny, without choosing to walk in ours!

We are brokers of Heaven … we release Heaven on earth … well at least we should be releasing it anyway … so … run fast, so that they may sprint beyond us … establish a platform as high as can be so our ceiling is their platform to spring from … tell them they will see more than we will ever see, then run as fast as we can so they go further, farther, faster, higher, wider, deeper, longer with greater purpose, focus, passion and conviction because we dared to believe our own words, we dared to believe in His word, and so together we will create a velocity for the generations to come that cannot be stopped … that will affect the Nation …

Call out the greatness in others and watch them call out the greatness in you! 

In doing so we will change history, and the future will tell His story and it will be good for …

God is Good!

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