My friend, whose stories I posted most recently, also sent me these stories about her husband called S.

S is a mighty man of God, a hero, although he would probably blush if you said so to his face. He is a great man of the word, a man of integrity, a man after God’s heart. My friend writes about her husband as follows:

… S also prayed for a customer in their home. The customer had a brain tumor and has been told he won’t be alive for long. S will see him again in a few months time.

S also prayed for a man in a wheel chair who stopped him to ask for directions. The man was very excited to have S pray for him and the lady pushing him said she was a Christian. The man in the chair very cheekily said, “I’m not”, and S’s response was, “that’s ok, you’ve got time on your side”. He prayed for supernatural healing of his torn tendons in his leg and that he would come to know God. Go S!!

And I repeat in complete agreement … “Go S!

It takes but a moment to stop and pray for a person, whether they be a stranger or a friend. And yet, in that moment destinies change, healings take place, lives are restored, eternal salvation is received … for it is …

… “not by might nor by strength, but by my Spirit,” says the Lord Almighty. (Zach 4:6)

It is not us, but Him … but He needs us (the Body) to release Him. He has chosen to co-labour with us … what a privilege … what an awesome responsibility … what an honour … and as we do we can be certain that change occurs … regardless of what we see with our eyes, change does occur, because “the prayer of a righteous person are powerful and effective” (James 16). We are righteous in Him. We do not do it, He does, but we do release it … and as we do, the world will change for the better for …

God is Good!

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