A friend has been stepping out for as long as I have. She has amazing testimonies to tell and I have wanted her to write some of them up for a while. She did one in January where she led three teenagers to the Lord at a park and her 5 year old healed a hurt child in the playground … (see post called Catching the wind – a week of other peoples testimonies – A friend’s Testimony received 11th January 2011) and here are some more received 10th April 2011 …

She writes:

I am finally writing a testimony for you!! I was walking into a shopping centre and a guy walking towards me had a brace on his foot. I stopped him and asked what happened – he had put a crow bar through his foot and broke 2 toes. I told him I was a Christian and asked would he mind if I prayed for it. He was blown away and proceeded to tell me that he was a Catholic but didn’t go to church but his Mum did. He had just had his second daughter christened on the weekend and couldn’t understand how the Catholic Church could be in so much turmoil with scandals etc. and didn’t really like the church. I said the Church (body of Christ) had got it wrong for so long keeping their beliefs and traditions within the four walls of the church and that God wanted a relationship with His people not religion, which kept people in bondage. I said that I went to a church that was committed to taking the good news of the gospel out into the streets, homes, schools, wherever we go and releasing the Kingdom of Heaven into people lives through love and prayer and practical acts of kindness, just like Jesus. I told him how exciting church is and how the kids are taught and how God is using kids in mighty ways and he should consider coming and experiencing the presence of God in a church that is on fire for God. He was really touched that someone would take the time to stop and pray for him. I prayed for his toes and asked him if he felt anything. He said he didn’t but that didn’t bother me. I know it was God’s timing and he was clearly touched. And who knows what God did on his way home, not just in his foot but in his heart and mind.

Then I went to Chaddy and while I was in Myer a lady very kindly helped me in the children’s department. She was very honest and caring and took time to really help me. There was nothing there that interested me and as I was thanking her for her great service I felt very strongly to pray for her. I told her I was a Christian and asked if there was anything she would like prayer for. She just stood there stunned and staring at me and finally said, “I have been praying to God for help and direction as I have a big decision to make. She was delighted that I would pray and so I did. She felt God peace come and I encouraged her with what the word says and how much God loved her.

Then I went to pick up a cake for my mums 80th from the cake shop I go to and the assistant gave me all this free yummy Italian patisserie cakes! As I was thanking her and telling her she could expect a blessing from God for being so kind, she said, “I need all the blessing I can get at the moment.” I sensed to reach out and pray for her so I held her hand and prayed a blessing over her and you could feel God’s presence. She was teary. There were other customers waiting so I had to go, but I said I would be happy to pray for her any time and she was really touched that someone cared enough to pray. I sense in my spirit she will come to church one day. Yay God.

I then went home to find out a lady who had been diagnosed with skin cancer, whom I had prayed for a month ago at my in-laws Salvation Army church in the country, had been given the all clear from her doctors in Melbourne after she had had more tests. Yay God!

My friend is in love with a good God. My friend wants to share that good God. My friend is amazing … her husband is too … and together they are raising two mighty children … the next generation, destined to walk on water!

The Book of Mark says: “They went out and preached that people should repent [change their mind]. They drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them” (Mark 6:12).

My friend and her family are doing this … as they go … it is a lifestyle for them. They know they hold the answer. They also know they have authority and power and with great authority and power comes great responsibility … we must step up and out and give Him away … who are we to hold onto the solution and not offer it to those in need …

I believe it is time that the Body of Christ recognises who they are … it is time that we recognise what we have, and start to give it away, because if we do not then how will those in the world know that …

God is Good!

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