It has been sometime since I wrote my first blog and described what it is that I do, what this blog is about (if you have never read the first blog … have a look) and so I felt it was time to refresh the vision, so here it is, in a more esoteric form:

This blog’s stories are about God’s love for people … His love for all people, regardless of whether they know him or not.  He wants me to step out and give Him away, into the community, as I do life, to let it be as natural as breathing  … and to then to write some of the stories up to encourage others to step out too …

I believe He is calling us all (“saved” and “unsaved”) “home” to Himself.

A girl I stopped and prayed for at the shopping centre a couple of months ago asked what I meant when I told her God was calling her “home” … she was worried that it meant she was going to die.  This is not what being called “home” is in this context.  In this context being “called home” is purely and simply that God is calling people into a relationship with Him directly … he wants them to come home to Him, to hang out with Him … to utilise the access that has been provided through the blood of Jesus … because through Jesus we can come home to God, just as a child can snuggle into to a loving parent.  We are called home to be with Him and in doing so know Him.

This blog is about God’s goodness and glory, His kindness and humour … yes He does have a sense of humour and it is fun getting to know that aspect of Him …

I sense that I am to write about my joy in knowing Him and His joy felt in knowing me … I understand He knows us all but I believe He has a deep sense of joy that can be felt as He knows us and we know Him … this joy is felt at deepening levels as He asks for and as I give Him my heart and life … I believe that this joy is available for us all!

The idea of giving my life frightened me … it still challenges me, yet I am becoming more sure of how worth it is to give Him all and while we do not give to receive, we do receive in return … in fact He gives us His all in return … it is our job to receive … and then, dare I suggest, … our responsibility to give it away!

Suffice to say, there is so much more for us all to receive, but we need to be willing to give it away as it comes so that it can increase …. for I hazard a guess that if we tried to contain all that He has for us, and did not give it away, it would destroy us in its fullness … and so in His goodness He will give according to our capacity to hold and give to His other children (and by “other children” I mean both “saved” and unsaved”).

I think that His goodness and kindness changes us as it flows through .  Some of it “sticks”, but most of what He gives us we need to be willing to give away and as we give away He can then give more, because He knows that we will therefore not be destroyed in the receiving the expanse, breath, depth and height of His Goodness and Kindness …

I believe that His Goodness and Kindness cannot be contained in just one vessel, and its wholeness has many facets which can only be truly manifest in the many differing vessels created by Him … as we release Him, we discover who we are (personally and corporately), and as we discover who we are we step up to Him and out to the world … and in this up and out motion we step into identity and freedom … and best of all … as we release Him, His Goodness will manifest itself in all creation …

And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it.” (Isa 40: 5)

I note that when Moses asked God to show him His glory, God chose His goodness to pass before him (Ex 33:18-19) … and so the knowledge of His glory will fill the earth, as the “waters cover the sea” (Hab 2:14).

I sense he is saying:

“joy joy joy, let Me break through like a new dawn, unstoppable and irresistible … glorious in My fullness and splendour”

That said … I suggest that it is time for us to step up and out and give Him away as and where we can … as we do life.  Give Him away in the schools, the shops, the streets, the airports, the stations, the workplace, the parks and the stadiums, the beach and the mountains … from East to West, North to South and everything inbetween … We are to give Him away where ever we are … He is with us and is ready to show Himself mighty … and so together, with Him, we will change the world because…

God is good!

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