We were heading off to a BBQ after church and stopped in at a bakery to buy a cake to take.  I had both children and M (nearly 4) was really “pushing buttons”.  I made my purchase while the whole time being aware of a young girl strapped into a wheel chair with a person I assumed was her carer.

My husband popped in and I gratefully motioned to him to take the kids.  He looked and knew that I was stopping for this one, so he took the children and they all waited for me in the car.  I knew it was God’s heart to heal her …

I looked at the girl and then spoke to her carer and asked if she was her Mum – she confirmed she wasn’t.  I introduced myself and asked if I could pray for the girl … all the while reminding myself that she did not belong in the wheel chair … she had been born for freedom.  I asked the carer what her name was … it was Lucy.

I looked Lucy in the eyes, as best I could since her head shook backwards and forwards and lolled up and down.  I asked her if I could pray for her and in reply she looked intently at me and threw her hand into mine. 

I invited the Holy Spirit to come and as I did her head stopped shaking, she grabbed my hand with her free hand and gazed at me as best as she could … she held that gaze as I prayed …

I prayed freedom, destiny, healing, for her body to function as it was designed by God to run and function perfectly, I declared “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10) in her body … I prayed as the Holy Spirit prompted me in the glorious name of Jesus Christ and the anointing fell upon us both.

When I felt I was done I thanked Lucy and her carer for the privilege of being allowed to pray for her and I noted that the shaking had begun again.  The carer thanked me and looked at me as if to say “thank you for stopping and caring”.  Even though the shaking began again I reminded myself that the shaking had subsided as I prayed, that she had grabbed me and gazed into my eyes as best she could as I called her destiny forth and I have no doubt that change was effected, something shifted. 

As I left the shop I reminded myself of little A who had stood for the first time the day after prayer for her two broken legs and how she had walked without any aid within 2 weeks … weeks and weeks before the doctors said she could or would … and had her Mother never called I would never have known … Lucy may too I thought and climbed in the car. 

I may never know the results of my prayer in the natural, but I know that it made a difference because “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16).  I am righteous in Jesus Christ, so my prayers are powerful and effective. 

I also know the prayers made a difference not because of anything I am, but because God wants her healed and free.  It was about her not me.  I know He wants her healed and free because …

God is Good!

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