I received this testimony on Wednesday 16th March 2011 from an Amercian friend who moved here a few years ago with two young girls, and a little later her husband joined them. It has been tough for them, but they believe they are meant to be here and so they walk in faith and God keeps turning up and seeing them through in a way that only God can because … God is good!

She writes:

My husband has been unemployed for the past year. Our girls attend private school. We had been praying for a job so that they could continue in private schooling this year. We were waiting until the last minute possible to make any changes as I assured my husband that God would make a way. It was the weekend before school started and nothing had happened. With all my regret I agreed to tell our youngest daughter that she couldn’t go back to the private school. We would make a sacrifice for our older daughter since she is in VCE.

The Saturday night before it is time to enrol them my husband is checking our accounts and discovers that we will be receiving some money that we were not aware of. We rejoice and talk about using it for our youngest daughter’s school fees; however, by Sunday morning he is concerned doing this since we were still short on our day-to-day budget. I’m all upset and ask God where He is in all this. I always try to seek God’s will before taking decisions and when I enrolled our daughters in private school I did it because I felt God led me there. I kept reaffirming God’s provision and His miracles in our lives throughout the past year and I couldn’t believe God was staying silent.

School started on Tuesday, so Monday morning I conceded to my husband’s wishes to enrol her in the local state school. We went to the private school first to let them know we would only be enrolling our oldest daughter and that we would be coming back to them if we had a breakthrough in finding my husband a job. We then went to the public school to enrol our youngest daughter and to pay the fees. As we were finalizing the transaction and handing in the cheque my phone rings. I ask the person who calls me to hold and say goodbye to the receptionist at the state school.

As we’re walking out I answer the call. It was the private school’s business manager calling. He said he had spoken to the principal and they felt that both our daughters belonged in their school and asked “if 50% discount would help us out?”

I almost fell to my knees—we couldn’t take a step further and just sat by a planter outside the office doors … in awe of what had just happened. We prayed and thanked God for showing His face to us once again and asked Him to forgive us for doubting.

I immediately went back inside to see the receptionist and told her of the miracle we had just experienced. After that, we went home and shared the good news with both our daughters—we were all in awe and simply thanked God.

Soon after school started, my husband got called in for some work. He is now working between 2-4 days a week and he is able to cover the tuition for both our daughters. PRAISE GOD!!!

God is good! He will ensure that we are where we are meant to be when we are meant to be there … He cares about our every day situations, and is interested in our needs, desires and wants … He can be trusted … will you trust Him, or at least … “give it a go”?

See if He turns up … I know He will because I know that …

God is good!

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