A friend has decided she wants to step out. She has been brave enough to give it a go. To her surprise she found it to be “natural”. I believe it should be natural to stop and pray for the one, as natural as breathing. It should be natural for those that are full of the life of God, to want to give it away because God is good … God loves those around us, and He wants to bless not only those that call Him “Lord”, but also those that He calls His children, but who do not yet know Him as “Father” …

My friend writes:

I thought I would let you know that I stepped out on Saturday and to my surprise it seemed natural….

In a nut shell I offered to pray for a lady I know from kinder who was having her dad and step mum come for lunch and she was really nervous (I’ve previously had a conversation with her and she has shared about how her and her dad aren’t close and he doesn’t really give her any signs of love….etc). She accepted my offer, and straight away I felt like a tingling sensation in my arm. I prayed for her to be herself and to flourish, as well as for peace to fill her….. I asked her at the end if she felt anything and she said she did and she felt peace too….I then told her she was a wonderful person and gave her a hug. It was so easy!

When I checked on how her lunch went she said that although she got uptight with the food preparation, she was more comfortable with her dad.

So praise God!

It gave me a bounce in my step that day!

Get a bounce in your step … try giving what you have away and see it impact lives … and as you do you and they will see that …

God is Good!

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