I came out of a shop with M this morning and saw a woman waiting for a taxi with a plaster cast and a sling on her right arm. I looked and thought “better stop – there is a call to arms.”

I offered to pray and she readily agreed. Her name was Linda and she had broken her wrist. She was very open to prayer.

I invited the Holy Spirit to come and as I did a taxi rolled up. She ignored it and let me keep praying.

She felt tingles at the break site. She then felt heat at the break site. I kept praying. She then felt the arm throbbing, not painfully but pulsing … she then felt pain, not bad pain but pain in the area (I rebuked the spirit of infirmity just in case) the pain continued and I had a hunch it was the healing occurring and spoke to her about people having great pain in their brains as brain injuries were healed – I said I had not seen it but heard about it.

I left my hand on her and asked her if she was a Christian – she said no but she believed in a greater power. I asked if she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart (telling her that this was not why I stopped but that I stopped because of the arms that I had seen around and that God wanted me to pray for healing for people with broken arms). She said “no, not for now” and I suggested to her that she was on a journey, to which she agreed … she then said that the pain had left, and that the arm felt like it wanted to rest.

Two taxis had come and gone. When the first left she said that obviously she was not meant to get that one.

She told me she had been at her friends for a few days and had caught a bus to where she was and had been saying to herself that she really wanted the wrist to heal quickly because it had been quite painful, even after 3 weeks, and then I showed up … she noted the “coincidence”.

I gave her a kiss and I helped her into the next cab which had been there a while. I wished her well on her journey and waved her “goodbye”…

M and I went on. We had a coffee and milkshake together, popped into the bread shop to say “hello” to a new Christian and then walked home, and as we walked I saw another right arm in plaster.

I followed the woman with the plaster cast into the fruit shop and explained the arm coincidence in my world and offered to pray. She agreed. Her name was Josephine and her break was in exactly the same place as Linda’s.

I prayed. She felt nothing, but I let her know that some did and some did not feel anything, and I told her about Linda feeling tingles, heat, throbbing etc. She looked surprised. She asked what sort of Christian I was and I explained my background. She was a Catholic and she said she believed in the power of prayer to make a difference.

I thanked her for letting me pray for her and wished her well and M and I went home.

I am convinced that there is a clarion call to arms coming from Heaven … will you answer the call?

Give it a go – it’s worth it because …

God is good!

Note: “clarion call” means “a direct public request for people to take action”

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