I was dropping my daughter off at ballet last Tuesday night when one of the ballet mums “P” stopped me and said that she had heard that F’s baby had slept through the night from the day that I had prayed for him (see “Ballet mum receives gift of healing and is ready for a good nights sleep” dated Saturday 26th March 2011) … we agreed how great it was … P then told me that she too had noticed a marked change in her own life since I had prayed for her and her family a few weeks before … (see story “God’s provision for a family from Ballet” dated Tuesday 15th February 2011) and that the peace she felt around the issue since had been wonderful.

Briefly, on 15th February I had prayed for P and her family. As I did God came in such a powerful way that P had barely been able to hold back the tears. The “word” I had received for her and her family was “Provision” … with a capital “P”.

Well this Tuesday P said that her world had changed since I had prayed three weeks prior. She told me that she and her husband had decided that her children would stay at the grammar school – they had seen how the finances would come and in reaching the decision they had felt a great sense of peace …

As she spoke I could feel the Holy Spirit around us.  I asked if she could too – she could.  I offered to pray for her again. She agreed.

I confirmed that the word I had received for her and her family from God was “Provision” and gently placed my hand on her shoulder, asking the Holy Spirit to come. I thanked God for the solution He had shown and the provision He had so readily provided to them and I asked for more Provision (with a capital P”) and favour for her, her husband and her family. I released peace and as I prayed I felt God gave me details about her husband’s business. I repeated what I felt I heard God saying to me and she looked at me shocked, saying “how did you know that!” I told her I had felt God was letting me know. Encouraged, I mentioned more details I felt I knew and she gasped.

I confirmed it was God and suggested we pray His solution for her husband and his business – she agreed.

As I prayed I felt I heard more about her husband’s future – further out. In fact what I had felt was what her husband had always considered doing into the future. She looked at me in amazement, even shock, and I said “well lets pray God’s will into that too” and so I did … praying blessing and agreeing with God for all that I felt He had in store for this beautiful family.

P was left speechless saying how amazing it was how I had heard from God. I said to her that we all could talk to God and that we could all hear from Him for ourselves – I told her that she could hear from Him too, and that I would show her how if she liked …

I left it there, and walked to my car with my little boy, feeling it was enough and thanking God for such a lovely moment.

I believe that God is so very gently drawing this family into relationship with Him. He is so very loving and gentle. He is displaying His love and desire for this family, and I am privileged to be a part of this journey. I was a stranger a year ago, yet here was God showing me intimate details about their lives … and then I had the pleasure and privilege of releasing God’s will into their lives through praying … I felt so honoured …

I believe they have been put into my path to touch on His behalf. They are a family who believe in Him, but do not know Him; a family that are learning that they can hear from Him for themselves … that their life issues mattered to Him, and that He wanted a relationship with them – direct!

If P desires I will do my best to teach her how to hear from God for herself. If she chooses to give it a go, I know that God will speak and show Himself to her, this I know because …

God is Good!

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