As I sit and write up a few of the more recent stories and think back over the types of injuries people have had I realise that there has been something about wrists and arms in my world recently. In January and February I kept seeing people with sore wrists and arms – with bandages, supports, and braces. I believe that these sort of “coincidences” are not really coincidences, but God speaking to me about something … I think that it could be a call to arms

It seemed to start in January when we were at the beach. I had offered to pray for someone with asthma and got a very definite “no”, and her co-worker gave me a look of sheer disdain … thankfully not long after my husband got back from Melbourne having attended church and he cheered me up with a few testimonies from others and how they had courageously stepped out.

The following day I was still smarting somewhat from the feeling of rejection when I saw a woman with a bandage on her right wrist. I thought about ignoring it, but instead, feeling God wanted me to stop, I took a deep breath and went over and offered to pray.

This time I got a beautiful response. She was a Christian, a grandmother and was with her grandkids having breakfast. She looked so pleased that someone had offered to pray for her.

Relieved, I sat down and invited the Holy Spirit to come and as I prayed she felt the heat and she started to weep … she could feel God, a feeling I believe she was familiar with. We talked about God’s goodness and kindness and she asked me about what I did. I explained that I had decided to take God at his word and step out and offer to pray for people, choosing to believe the scripture that said “these signs shall follow those that believe … they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover”. We finished our lovely chat and I left feeling much better … so glad that I had stopped for her … so glad I had stopped for “the one”.

My kids had a look and waved to her from the shore and I felt good …

Later that day we were on the beach and I noticed another arm in bandages. I thought “here goes” and went up to her and offered to pray.  I got a polite, firm “no”.

I scurried away and hid in our beach tent … telling myself that it was my job to offer, their job to choose … it still smarted ….

Later again that day I saw yet another arm in a bandage. I felt God wanted me to go. I could see a pattern and started to ponder what he was saying to me … I looked at the girl with the bandaged arm on the beach and thought “I will just walk up the beach with my husband and kids and if she is still there I will go and pray for her …”

Well! I missed it! As I came back up the beach she got up and left . I knew that I was meant to pray for her … or at least offer, but I had hesitated and in doing so I had missed it. I apologised to God … and felt sad that I had allowed the other’s people’s earlier responses affect whether I offered the gift of God’s healing to her … I knew He loved me anyway, but I felt sad I had missed it, especially since He was so obviously doing something with these arms and wrists …

Well since January the number of wrists has increased. Last Saturday there was yet another – I offered to pray in the coffee shop … she said “thanks but no thanks” and I stood feeling embarrassed waiting to be served …

Again, two days ago I was with a beautiful friend of mine (a chance meeting and a lovely coffee/chat). After our coffee we popped into Coles together. As we were going through the check out there was another woman with a brace on her wrist …

The problem was carpel tunnel. I offered to pray and she agreed. Heat came. She wondered if it was the bandage – I said it was God’s healing power and I suggested she take the bandage off during her break to see how it was and if she felt some improvement to thank God for it … she said she would.

As my friend and I left I put my hand on my friend’s, which was very cold, and she said how hot my hand was … it did not feel overly hot to me but she could feel it …

I do not know what the wrist/arm thing is about. I do think that it could be a “call to arms”, and as such a call to act and respond to His voice quickly, without hesitation for there is no time to waste …

Whatever it is there are people out there with needs, with injuries and with hurts and God wants to get to them … and we are the way He does. Whatever it is about all these arms at the moment I know it is great, it is wonderful and it is very very special because …

God is Good!

Post Script: I wrote this story up a week or two ago … and wondered if or when I would post.  Exhausted I had a power nap this afternoon and as I woke I suddenly felt to post the story … it is a call to arms!

There had been another wrist yesterday and it was time  

I was in Big W yesterday (Friday 11th March) and I saw Ann. I was with my son and as I looked for him (he had suddenly vanished) I asked her about her brace on her right arm.  She had broken her wrist and had surgery.  I asked if I could pray.  I told her about the Grandma who wept when I prayed for her, how metal plates were disappearing, or bending in people’s bodies after prayer in the USA … she  listened and said “yes”.

We stood together in Big W and I prayed. 

I felt the anointing – she felt tingles and I after I stopped I wished her well, knowing that the anointing had come, the result was God’s, that positive change would be effected because …

God IS Good … and yes … He is calling us to arms!



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