I received this testimony from a friend on Monday 28th February 2011. She is pressing in for more … and getting it … and with “the more” the opportunities are coming …

She first described how she senses God. I believe we all feel and relate to him in our own way, it just a matter of discovering this for ourselves. She then takes this out and a healing on the edge of a basket ball court takes place … GO GIRL!

She says:

“…when I have been praying I have felt like someone is gently pressing the right side of my back near the bottom of my right shoulder blade – this is a really sensitive area for me – and it is a real pressure feeling, almost like a physical touch. At first I was a bit unsettled because it felt really awkward. Then as I relaxed into the feeling and focussed on it & asked God what do you want me to do with this if it is you I got the inclination that I should breathe deeply into it …”

A day or so later she was at her son’s basket ball game, the coach’s son had a migraine and the following miracle happened. She says:

“My son’s coach said her son had a migraine so I offered to pray for him – wasn’t so hard as they were Christians [author’s note: still takes guts!], however I wasn’t sure how the young 14 year old might take to me laying hands on him, so I asked him & he agreed. As I sat there in the stadium, fully conscious that those around us were probably wondering what on earth I was doing, I proceeded to bow my head and pray – again the sensation came on me and again just moving my hands commanded the migraine to leave and asked God to heal him completely. When I finished praying I asked if he felt better, he said “a bit”. I said “don’t worry God will fix it for you”. At that time my son came over having broken his glasses. While I was trying to sticky tape the glasses back together the coach’s son suddenly declares: “it’s totally gone – Mum sub me on!”

They won the game!

My friend then received an email from the coach. It was sent to the parents of the basketball team. In a nut shell the coach says:

On Saturday my son developed a migraine just before the game. I gave him some Panadol and would have preferred him to stay home but to his credit he wanted to come. By the time we got to the very hot stadium, which was like a sauna. He was in no condition to play and the migraine had deteriorated. K asked if she could pray for him and of course I said “yes”. As the game started, I looked behind me to see K laying hands on my son and praying. To the Glory of God my son was instantly healed and 10 minutes later he asked if he could go on the court. For the rest of the day he was fantastic. Thank-you K. …

People are waiting for us to step into who we are … so give it a go … you have nothing to lose for …

God is Good!

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