A ballet mum “P” stopped me and asked about our local primary school.  As we spoke she indicated that she was trying to work out where to send her children next year, stating that the local grammar school was probably going to be too expensive for them next year with two children.

I chatted to her about the various schools in the area and told her about my own experience of hearing from God while choosing the school for my daughter. I asked her if she believed in God – she replied that she did and that she was Greek Orthodox. I explained that I believed that the so called 6th sense that a Mother has for her child is in reality a witness in our spirit from God, guiding us as we parent. I said that in James (the Book of James in the Bible) we are told that God gives wisdom to those that ask. I said I would pray for her to have wisdom. I suggested she visit some schools and listen to that witness, and she would know. She would find the right one. I also said that I believed that there would be provision if it was right for her children to stay at the school they were currently attending because God cared and wanted them at the right place for them.

I then said I would pray for her and placed my hand on her shoulder. I had said to her that she would feel something as I prayed – I had already been feeling Holy Spirit as we spoke. I invited the Holy Spirit to come and the anointing increased. I prayed for guidance, I asked for divine wisdom for P and her husband and I declared destinies “open” over her children, that the right school would be made known and available. I then felt very strongly the word “Provision”, so I prayed for “provision”.

We walked on and I asked if she felt something as I prayed and she said “yes”. I then said that I felt very strongly that the word for her was “provision” – that was what I felt God was saying, and explained what prophecy was … saying that is was a bit like “fortune telling” [I know that is not technically correct but you have to be relatable and I do not think God will be offended].

I went home and as I did a few chores I prayed for her.

When I came back to collect my daughter P was there. As we walked out through the car park she thanked me and said that she had been “really touched”, so much so that she said “I nearly cried”.

I explained that what she felt that made her nearly cry was God upon her. I then related some stories of people being prayed for by myself and others and how their situations had been changed “coincidentally and in some cases miraculously in their favour … and I said that this was what I had prayed for her children and that God would open their destinies up for them …

I look forward to hearing how she goes in looking at the schools in the area, and whether she feels it is right to keep them at the Grammar. If so, I really look forward to hearing about how God provides … for He will provide for them because …

God is Good!

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