I suspect God delights in us taking delight in the little things that happen, the little things that have the evidence of His finger prints all over them.  I suspect He loves it when we celebrate the little things as a child does, with sheer joy and delight at His kindness and the knowledge that He cares about the little things in life …

My 7 year old very happily reported from the back of the car on the way home from school yesterday that she had seen a lot of God’s goodness in her life in the last few days.

She told me it started when she bought a Paddle Pop on Wednesday from the school canteen.  She does not often buy food from the canteen, but I had given her some money that morning to buy an ice-cream if she wanted one since it was a hot day.  She bought the Paddle Pop and prayed, hoping she would get a “get one free” voucher in it … and as she opened her paddle pop there was the free Paddle Pop ticket!

She thanked God for the gift, knowing it was Him and happily ate her ice cream.

She then told me that she had also prayed and been blessed by God on Friday afternoon.  Her grade 2 class has a raffle system where the children get given a ticket for good behaviour.  The tickets go into a raffle at the end of the week one or two tickets are pulled out and a prize is given.  Yesterday afternoon she prayed before the tickets were drawn, but her ticket did not get pulled out of the box … she told me she was disappointed when that happened, but that God had other ideas … the teacher then decided to count up who had received the most number of tickets for the week … my 7 year old was one of the three and so she too received a reward (which I was happier about since it was recognition for effort).  She saw God all over this as well, knowing full well that He had answered her prayers.

On the way home she happily celebrated God’s goodness, telling me how He had blessed her so much this week.  She knew full well that He had answered her prayers.  Her prayers were not about peace on Earth, feeding the poor, healing the sick … they were prayers of a 7 year old who trusts that He loves her enough to just allow her to have the desires of her heart … they were prayers made in faith from a 7 year old that knows that …

God is Good!

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