We were in a children’s clothing store and the girl serving was quite curt, cold and did not seem to want to serve … or even sell anything to us – I know we have all been there!  She was not normally this way.  She did not recognise me, but she had served me before and she was usually a lot kinder.

I kept choosing to not feel offended … and it was getting difficult … until the final straw was the curt treatment I received when I asked if I could purchase my items after waiting at the counter for some time while she tidied shelves.  There had been very little politeness given … regardless of how I tried to jolly her along and be kind …

As she rang up my items I looked at her and said – “had a tough morning?”

She looked and said “yes”.

I said I could tell – that she was usually a lot more chatty and happy when we came in … she started to apologise and instead I looked at her and said give “me your hand I’m going to pray for you, what’s your name?”

She looked a bit surprised and replied “Tracey” as she gave me her hand.

I invited the Holy Spirit to come and released peace in the name of Jesus.  She visibly relaxed … she quietly said she had a lot of work to get through.  I again asked for the peace of God to come and I “released peace”.  I asked her “can you feel that?”

She replied “yes” and she seemed to quieten a bit more.

I then released peace again, together with joy and loving kindness and told her she would get through the day and through the work and it would be a peaceful, joyful day …

I left with her no doubt looking at us as we left …

I thought – that was far better than being offended and getting irritated (which would have just necessitated me going back and saying “sorry” for my bad attitude anyhow).

Rather, I took the offensive and released the Kingdom of God, the peace of God, the joy of God and I have no doubt she will have a great day because …

God is Good!

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