I kept in contact with A over Christmas.  She went along to our Boxing Day service.  I could not be there but knew that the people at Church would make her feel welcome …

 We stayed in contact and she got back to Church again … on another weekend that I was away with my husband … even so we stayed in touch … and eventually managed to arrange a coffee on Wednesday 19th January 2011.

 A was coming to my home and I was looking forward to seeing her to hear how she had got on.

 The bell rang and I answered the door and there standing with A was her daughter (also A, so who I will call “Little A”).  I stood looking at Little A and they both laughed … little A was walking, without leg braces, without a wheel chair and without a walking stick …

 After my initial shock they came into my home and I heard the story …

 Little A had stood for the first time unaided the day after I had prayed for her on Saturday 18th December 2010.  The injury that she had suffered was two broken legs … one from a wall falling on her … the other was broken by surgeons when they discovered that her growth plate in her broken leg had been damaged and so they had to remove the growth plate in her other leg so that they would grow at the same rate as one another … so she had two broken legs in leg braces and was in a wheel chair when I met her.

 AND … Here she was in my home walking!

 She had been told on 6th January 2011 by her physiotherapist that she would need the wheelchair, leg braces and a crutch for another 6 weeks … and here she was walking completely unaided on 18th January 2011 … 12 days later!

 In fact she and her Mother told me she had been walking not long after being prayed for, a few days after seeing her physiotherapist.  They had had gone on holidays after Christmas at a caravan park in Philip Island and they had taken the wheel chair but had not used it at all, and she had been walking unaided since !!!

 So – here she was, walking well, on Wednesday 18th January 2011, having had two broken legs and having been told she would need a wheelchair, leg braces and a walking stick for at least another 6 weeks on 6th January 2011 …!


Little A explained that she still needed more strength in her legs.  I laid hands on her legs and called strength into her thigh muscles and as I did her Mother, my daughter and I noticed her knee caps moving up and down, without her knowledge … as if her thigh muscles were being contracted and released … she did not feel it.

She stood and tried them out and I prayed again, and it happened again …

Her Mother and I concluded that her thigh muscles must have been being strengthened supernaturally … I must say it was the oddest thing to watch – her knee caps bobbing up and down in a rapid movement!


We finished praying and we went off for a walk.

During our catch up I heard how A’s family had been transformed.  She told me how she was walking in abundant favour, disputes had been supernaturally settled without any effort on her part and she shared how she had been telling a friend who was also in a place of despair how she too could be free, like A had been set free … she was out ready to give it away to others … YAY GOD!

A said the entire journey thus far had been remarkable, the turn around was marvellous …

I just listened in awe, knowing that it all was a miracle and remembering that I very nearly did not stop for them because I wanted to get to the movies on time
I wondered how many others I had walked past …
How many others may have had a life transformed … had I stopped for the one …  
There is no condemnation in Christ – of this I am certain … but how His heart yearns for us to recognise and to step into who we truly are … just as all creation groans, and “waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed” (Rom 8:19).
Will we be bold enough to step into our inheritance, and bring others with us …?
Do we dare to lay claim to the “treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places” (Is45:3) and set them free?
Do we dare take people by the hand and say “come”?
God is breath taking in His beauty, in His kindness, in His Glory!
Do we dare?
I know I must for …
God IS Good!

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