If its been stolen … Claim it back and give it away … Simple story … but I hope you enjoy:

We had headed up to the shops to collect a repair in our local shopping centre.

We were served by a lovely girl called Sammi who was getting married soon.

I felt to pray for her and so I offered, asking if she would like favour – I repeated the testimony about my daughter’s Grade 1 teacher who had received upgrades everywhere she went (see story called A double portion of praise reports dated Friday 4th February 2011).  Sammi advised that she did not need upgrades for her hotels since a friend who worked at the travel agency had done that for her.  I said I would pray favour for favour for her wedding anyway, and she readily agreed.

I prayed favour, I prayed upgrades (you never know) and I prayed a great day … as I prayed I felt that I needed to pray peace and forgiveness, loving kindness and that all bickering would cease.  I stopped praying and asked her if there had bickering around the wedding.  She said there had and started to tell me some of what had been happening – she was sad and said really she just wanted to be married, she wanted to focus on their future rather than the wedding event …

I agreed with her, and said that she would see a change.  I said I looked forward to hearing what happens since it had been God that had shown me that there was a need for peace, and I said I believed she would see amazing things happen, and as they did to thank God for them … I pointed out there was no other way that I could have known about her situation other than a loving God that wanted to deal with the situation

We will see her again soon, and she will let me know …

I later I thought how my own wedding had been a bit the same – not to that degree, but that there had been bickering, and it had made it a tough day … and I thought “yes – God’s vindication – its pay back time for what was stolen!”

Don’t you love God?  Whatever has been stolen from us, even if it is as simple as “joy” on a special day, we can ask for it back … 7 fold over and over and over … for ourselves and for others …

I do not plan to have another wedding.  I am planning to stay married to the one I got thank you very much!  But I do plan on blessing as many weddings and marriages as I can.  I do plan on giving away and declaring as much of God’s favour and blessing as I can because …

God is Good!

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