I caught up with A for coffee on Wednesday 22nd December 2010.  You will remember her as the Mum of the young girl in the wheel chair who had 2 broken legs that I met outside the Cinemas on Saturday 18th December 2010 (see story called “Christmas Shopping with Jesus”).

The day before she had given her heart to Jesus Christ, over the phone, and had received the gift of tongues – see the post script on story dated Tuesday 21st December 2010 called “God’s vindication … calling in a 7 fold pay back and the potential of multiplication … tag your it … now pass it on … “

During our phone call A had told me that since praying for her daughter, her autistic teenage son, and her, the following had occurred:

1. her daughter had stood up unaided for the first time the day after the prayer,

2. her son had been peaceful (he had been quite aggressive) and he kept laying hands on people, including his Mum saying “Can you feel that” and A could “feel that” – the anointing.

3. Her son had been saying, and to this day says “fill me up Jesus”

4. A had started to take care of herself.  She told me that before meeting her she had given up emotionally – eating only a meal a day and not caring for her physical needs due to a deep sense of despair … she told me that the sense of despair was gone and she had started to care for herself … she had hope again … after the tough, tough year she had endured.

I very unexpectedly had the day after our call free of children – an offer to care for my two children had been made very unexpected.  I now realise that God was setting me up for the follow up coffee with A.  I also had a personal appointment at Southland at 1.30pm

A and I had arranged to catch up for coffee at 10am.  I left at about 9am and as I drove I felt to go to Hampton Street to buy cheese for Christmas.  I did not know why I was to go there, but felt to do it and figured God was getting me well prepared for Christmas … although I did wonder how I was going to manage cheese in the car on such a hot day.

I went to the delicatessen and chatted to the saleswoman thinking I would only just have enough time to get the cheese, get it home and get back to Southland to find a car park in time for the meeting.  The woman serving me at the delicatessen had been ill and had no voice …  I offered to pray, knowing that God wanted me to stop, but wondered how my timing was going to be in the pre-Christmas rush …

She said yes, so she came around the counter and I prayed.  I got a word of knowledge for her, gave it and she started to weep.  I thought “oh no” … it was about 9.30 and I had to drop the cheese off home or somewhere and then get to Southland and find a car park… in less than half an hour.

I stopped and reminded myself she was important and that God would have to take care of the rest.  I offered her the gift of salvation and she sobbed saying she was not good enough … I explained no one was and that Jesus took care of it all … she said she would pray at home and I gently left it there.  I gave her a new Christian study and invited her to our Christmas church service … hoping she would come.

I raced to the car, dropped my cheese off at my Mother-in-Law’s who lived close by and headed off at 9.45am praying all the way to Southland feeling very anxious about getting there in time – I did not have A’s mobile number so I could not call.

I said to God – “well, you wanted me to pray, you have run me late, I need a great car park as soon as I get to Southland” … I was feeling somewhat panicked and even a bit ticked off at God while at the same time I knew that I should have more belief that God would provide a pathway for me … especially in that He had seen me through time and again before.  As I drove I kept trying to trust that since I was “about His business” it would be ok … but to be honest I didn’t, and I started to shake a little with the high level of anxiety …

I drove into Southland, and yes there was an amazing car park.  I repented for my lack of faith and ran through the shopping centre getting to my meeting place at 10.15am.  Thankfully A had waited … she too had got an excellent car park … and we laughed as we exchanged Christmas time car parking miracle stories

A and I talked and talked and she hungrily took the new Christian materials I had for her and her family and she asked so many questions … she was so excited with her new life with Jesus, marvelling at the freshness and joy she felt … and basking in the calm and the peace!  She told me she had put on a favourite CD of hers on the way to Southland that morning – she had not listened to it since giving her heart to Jesus … and she said she disliked every song, had a funny reaction to each one and could not understand it.  … I was able to explain that the feeling was her Spirit alive to the Holy Spirit letting her know what was good for her and what was not and that perhaps that CD was not so good for her … I encouraged her to listen to those little promptings and she marvelled at how her desire for the music literally shifted overnight!  We chatted about how He would lead her into a life of righteousness … that she would not lack loving guidance to let her know what would be good for her and what would not … and I encouraged her to not resist or quench what she was hearing, but to allow Him to woo her … that it was Jesus Christ speaking and forming a relationship with her, letting her know what he liked and didn’t like just as a lover would let their new lover know what they did and did not like.

We chatted for about 2 hours and I walked her to her car …

We hugged and promised to catch up after Christmas …
As I walked away from her car I saw a young guy whose car had broken down.  I felt to stop and pray for him so I did and called in and declared favour for him in his quest for a house … as I did I waved A goodbye as she drove past and home …

He thanked me and I went off to my appointment …

All worked out well … a woman discovered that God loved her just because (she did not need to be good enough to accept him) … a new Christian had started on her journey towards an abundant life of peace and joy … a household was saved and turned around … and a young man had a new home called into his future … all in one morning before I had to go and take care of my own matters at 1.30pm because … all because …

God is Good!

Part 2 coming – praise report regarding A’s family …



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