I popped into the bathroom to use the facilities just off reception where we are staying. There were a number of back packs spread over the floor and much chatter from the 3 or so girls about 19 years of age, that were in the bathroom … it looked and sounded like fun.  They looked like they were getting themselves ready to keep travelling – their back packs full of what a girl travels with at that age.

I smiled as I heard one say perhaps she should change the top she was wearing and as I left the cubicle to wash my hands I overheard the girl closest to me state “ … it really hurts” …

I turned and asked her what hurt … she replied “my sunburn” and showed me the back of her legs that were red raw from overexposure the day before.

I told her a story about getting burnt like that when I was her age and said that at the time cold wet tea bags had helped take the sting out of the burn.  I then offered to pray for her … saying she had nothing to lose.

She agreed.

I asked if I could place my hands on the sunburn on the back or her legs, saying “I am not a freak, but a Mum of two young kids waiting outside” … they all laughed and she agreed so I bent over behind her and placed my hands on the back of her thighs.  Her legs were very hot.

I invited Holy Spirit to come and I prayed coolness and a healing balm to come, rebuked pain and released healing for any and all damage done to her skin from the over exposure … as I did I felt the anointing flow and the heat of her legs started to seep away.

I asked her of she felt anything and she said that her legs felt cool.  I told the pain to go and asked what else she felt and she said nothing and that all the pain had left.

I finished up the prayer and told her that if the pain tried to come back she was to tell it to leave “in the name of Jesus”.  I looked at her friends and told them that they too could place their hands on her and tell it to go “in Jesus name” …

They all laughed and nodded in agreement and the girl said it was amazing.

As I left the bathroom, I looked back over my shoulder and suggested that next time she should use some sun screen …

God is Good!

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