Sometimes we can be in a place we do not want to be, doing something we do not want to do, when God gives us an assignment to complete, and its time to get out of the boat …

A testimony I received this morning from a magnificent girl of God reads:

Two days ago I was called in to do a job at a nursing home kind of place.  I do not usually do this type of work and I did not really want to do it since I had something else on and I prefer working with young people.

They must have been quite desperate for someone since I am not really qualified in disability, even though I can do it.  I was to work with a particular lady I had never met.  I got there at 9am to start, but then was told I’d have to wait for the manager who would be coming in soon.

I was told to sit down and wait in the dinning room area.  I grabbed a book I was reading – one on God healing people.  As I waited I felt to talk to some of the other residents in the home.  There was a gentleman called Stan who I could hardly hear (due to his voice being quite wispy).  He said he had all sorts of conditions – back problems, hearing difficulties due to meningitis from sometime ago and there was something wrong with his teeth.

I felt to offer to pray for him and was very full of faith from reading the book.   I had this extra level of compassion for this man.

Anyway, he said “no” – it sounded something along the lines of that it was ok, he could live with these things.  I was very sad and then he left.  I felt like if I had just been given the opportunity to pray for him that he would have been healed.  When he left I just prayed a prayer that he would be drawn to God and know His love for him.

(The client I was meant to work with ended up coming at 11am – two hours after I had got there).

It is our job to offer the Kingdom of Heaven … not force feed people on it … it is their choice to receive … or not …

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (Jesus speaking John 10:10)

Jesus offers (as we are called to also) and it is the individual’s choice to receive the gift of life … or not.

Either way, our responsibility is to listen to God, to hear and feel His heart beat for people, and offer to pray … the rest is out of our hands … although, like this marvellous girl, we can still bless them by praying for them regardless of their response, and God will answer our prayers because we know that …

God is Good!

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