As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the testimonies are coming in and so I am posting a few from various people to encourage others to perhaps get out of the boat … or to even just pop their toe into the water …
We will never see anyone healed when we pray, unless we pray for someone that needs healing … we will never lead someone to Christ, if we never ask them the question … a “yes” may be right there under our nose …
The water is fine, and full of life … come on … its time to get wet!
A friend wrote on Tuesday 11th January:
Went to see a movie at Southland with a Christian friend … saw a wheelchair at first and knowing my friend wouldn’t be so enthusiastic I chickened out!
Then we were at Grilled and a girl walks in with crutches!  This time I couldn’t back down (crutches of course being less intimidating … haha!).  I sat and finished my burger telling God, “ok, once she goes and sits down I’ll go over”. 
 After all the thoughts of fear ran through my mind there was nothing left to do but have faith!!!  This year I asked God to help me break through the freezing up zone …  
So, I told my friend, I’m going to go pray for that girl – she casually replies, “ok”.  
Now I really had to do it!!!! hahaha. 
Once I was ready I left my friend at our table and I said “I’m going in”, just as the girl was getting all romantic and in close conversation with her boyfriend.  I quickly asked if I could interrupt for a moment and asked her what happened to her knee…she said she fell off a wall and that possibly her ligaments were twisted.  She looked at me strangely asking…”why?” 
I told her I go to a church where people pray for others and we see a lot of healings take place.  I asked if she minded if I prayed for her, adding that it wouldn’t do any harm praying.  She said “sure!”  
She let me gently lay my hand on her knee as I prayed for healing.  After I finished I asked if she felt anything.  She said no but that if she is healed she will thank me…I said to her that she could wake up tomorrow healed and that she should thank God! 
She was very open and I was thrilled I had stepped out again!!!  I was so excited at the possibility of her being healed … it was so worth it!!!! I felt I had broken through a barrier in my faith level also…hallelujah!!!! God is GOOD!

 It got me excited to pray for more … cheers  

We may get wet when we get out of the boat, and to be honest I do not think that we ever stop getting wet, or will ever stop from shrinking back at the thought of taking a dip, but as we give it a go, as we go, we just may see what we have all been dreaming of … remembering that the river in Ezekiel gets deeper, the further from the Temple it flows (47:1-12) … and so I figure … its time to learn how to swim, step out and we just may walk on the water, or perhaps we will just enjoy taking the dip because …
God is Good!
Post Script: This girl wrote to me again and said about her Christian friend:
my friend asked me all about the encounter, what I said to the girl from beginning to end.  She later messaged me this…”Thanks for tonight it was great.  Love seeing you step out : ) its encouraging.”

That made it all worthwhile … to stir up another also!!

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