A friend passed this testimony on today from another friend.  It so clearly shows how powerful our prayers can be when we choose to respond to the news, which is so often negative, and pray God’s will into the situation – God’s will is always one of hope, life, peace, joy and love …

“… if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land …” 2 Chron 7:14

We serve a mighty God.  We have a superior covenant in Jesus Christ as compared to the Old Testament times when this promise was given – therefore, how much more should we believe that God will hear our prayers, and heal our land.

The praise report given to my friend on 6th January 2011 reads:

There have been news reports of a schizophrenic man who attacked Police in Healesville and has been on the run for several weeks. Just before news years I heard he was in the Sherbrooke Forest and was stealing food.

I felt really sad for him and thought he must have been so frightened. He was weeks without medication, seeing any friends or family etc and had no where to go.

I began praying for peace for him, that the fear would be gone. Also that he would be brought back to society without getting hurt or hurting anyone else. It was really on my heart and I told many of my friends about him. I have been praying for just about a week now.

This morning on the news when I wake up I hear that the Police are amazed as the man gave himself up by walking into a police station.

Who knows what power the prayers had in this situation, but I like to think my little part in this was of some influence in the spirit.

I am so pleased he is ok and the situation has ended peacefully. The new prayer is for healing for him, so he won’t need the medication.

A Princess in tune with the heart of God, releasing God’s will into the life of a stranger …no recognition, no personal involvement … except that God cares and therefore she cares … and so she opened her mouth and prayed God’s will …

I wonder what would happen if the body of Christ started to pray God’s will into news reports … crime on the streets could decrease … floods and fires and droughts would resolve … one girl and God is a majority … what would an entire body of Christ be with their God?

I believe that we will see the answers to these questions because there is a stirring across Australia and the giant that is the Church is waking up to the call of God on their lives, they are waking up to the call of God on their families, the call of God on their communities, their schools, their workplaces, their Churches and the call of God on this mighty and beautiful nation of Australia …

I believe that the land will be healed because the Bride is stirring, and saying “not on my watch” and because …

God is Good!

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