A beautiful princess came to me at a service and told me about her boldness, her courage, in stepping out to pray for a work colleague who had shattered and dislocated an elbow.

This is a story of courage and risk – courage to step out and offer to pray; courage to take the offer one step further out of obedience to God; courage to follow through and believe the best of God regardless of outcome … and a story of risk, which is faith in action (thank you Bill Johnson) as she put herself at risk of ridicule, risk of rejection and risk of failure … but she stepped out regardless and re-presented her God … a God of healing, a God of kindness, a God of love, a God of Goodness … and one more person has tasted and seen that God is Good!

She writes:

Hi B … as promised, here is my testimony regarding one of my work colleagues.

… I was challenged at work to pray for a colleague….not just pray but I felt God wanted me to lay hands on this woman and pray for her.  Fairly easy if someone is receptive to God… not this woman…she is so far left she is almost toppling over and her view of God is that he is heartless and mean because he allows so much injustice, pain and hurt within the world, needless to say we have had some interesting conversations where at one point she actually said that God was evil…

”Hmmm…”I thought “… so God you want me to lay hands on her…okay”.

This lady had fallen over and not only shattered her left elbow but also dislocated it. She had to have surgery and the comment from the surgeon was that it was like putting together a puzzle there were so many pieces!

So, one day I was bold and asked if she would mind me praying for her, (as in privately in my bedroom not actually with her…no great challenge there, nice & comfortable!) – to which she replied – “that would be nice”.

God nudged me further – “I want you to lay hands on her” to which I replied – “you have to be kidding – you know how she feels & what she is like.”  He said “I want you to lay hands on her….”

“okay” I said … “but I am trusting you to do something here.”

So the next day early at work an opportunity arose & I boldly asked if I could lay hands on her elbow & pray for healing.  Amazingly she agreed & away I went, thinking, “God you better show up here”.

I prayed specifically that the pain would go (she was in a lot of pain at that time) and that her bones would knit together perfectly so that she would have full use of her arm again.  Her next x-ray was on the 22nd December 2010 & I believed the elbow was going to be healed.

22nd December rolled around & she had her x-ray.  The radiologist reported that there was still a big crack & the bone hadn’t healed – she was devastated.  I simply told her “I’m still believing it will be healed completely & the first report is not the last”.

Finally she saw the Doctor who looked at the x-ray and said there was still a small crack – (not a big one as the radiologist had reported) and that she could take her sling off, which was giving her so much grief.  She has a lot more use in her arm than she expected.

So, while things are still not back to 100% I believe that seeds have been sown in her heart that God does care about her & will heal her completely.

You know what is really funny is that her best friend is a well known Christian’s PA – I often tell her He has his eye on her!

God is Good … and He wants the news to get out!

… “on Earth as it is in Heaven

There ain’t no shattered elbows in Heaven … so it don’t belong here!

… “on Earth as it is in Heaven”!

It is the perfect prayer … it is the prayer that Jesus gave us …

And so a Good God called His Princess to represent, or re-present Him on Earth, and with courage she took a step of faith, and said “not on my watch” and she prayed … leaving the rest to Him knowing in her heart of hearts that …

God is Good!

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