This is a story about the one that is before us … not the many or the masses but the one, because I believe that it is our job to love the one before us and by doing so we will love a Nation to Christ …

I was heading up the street to check out an op shop to buy a doll for R’s Prep class when I saw a girl that worked for our local Coles that I had prayed for before Christmas while I bought some groceries.

At the time God had highlighted her to me when I had been shopping one day before Christmas 2008 and I felt to ask her if there was anything she needed prayer for.  At the time said yes, that she was very lonely and she was living with her Mum, which was very challenging for her.

I waited until her register was clear of customers and I quickly prayed.  We both felt the anointing come.  I then went on my way.

A few weeks passed and I saw her at work again – she was beaming at me.

She said since I had prayed she had met a man that she really liked and that life living at her Mum’s was getting better (at the time her mum had gone away for holidays which made me laugh because she said that was why it was so much better).

Anyway I said that it was great and invited her to Church sometime, telling her how great she looked.

I saw her a few more times at Coles and she always seemed very happy and would smile and say how great things were.

Well this day in early 2009 I saw her for the first time on the street.

We chatted and I asked how she was getting on.  She mentioned a few things and I encouraged her to talk to God and pray the opposite (ie: peace if there was strife etc).

I then realised that this meeting was no coincidence (it was a complete set up including the timing and positioning of my car park etc …) so I looked at her and asked if she would like to ask Jesus into her heart.  I explained what that meant, and we sat down on the edge of a planter box on the foot path and she received Christ.

I gave her a Bible (I often carry them because people will come to Christ as I go).  I suggested she read John and gave her a little study booklet.

I then asked if she wanted the power of the Holy Spirit.  I explained what tongues was and who the Holy Spirit was and she said she wanted to receive the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues so we prayed again and she felt a wave of peace that rested with her and she started to pray in tongues (just one syllable which I encouraged her to develop as would a baby grow in their language skills).

She then had to go on her way to work.  She was very peaceful and seemed delighted at the idea that all of Heaven was having a party to celebrate her salvation …

Timing of meetings … praying for a stranger … a touch from God … follow up chats … time spent speaking to someone, a stranger … she has a name, a life, many hurts, many dreams … a person who so often served me at the checkout … that person, that stranger that we so easily pass on by … “no time” we say … too busy to care about the time eternal for “the one” before our face … a “coincidental” car park, a “chance” meeting … a girl comes home to Christ …

Convenient?  No.

Worth it? Yes.

God is Good!

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