I was at kindy pick up for my 3 year old.  I saw a Mum whom I had prayed for at a play date a few weeks ago.  At the time she was interested in why I was fasting and I explained that Australia was in revival – a mighty move of God was afoot across this wonderful nation.  At the time this opened up the opportunity, after she shared some very private and painful history, for me to pray for her … at the time she felt electricity running up her arms and she cried as she felt His presence course through her body.

Well, today at kindy pick up she looked tired.  I asked her if she was and she teared up so I placed my hand gently on her shoulder and prayed, releasing peace and rest.  She said she was sleeping ok, but that she was not feeling refreshed, so I prayed that one hour of sleep would be as four … after which I hugged her tearing up myself … and told her to call if she ever wanted prayer.

I then drove to DFO and felt to go to a shop opposite.  I was not sure why but as we wandered I saw a woman with a wrist brace on – she had torn tendons in her wist and thumb.  I offered to pray.  She agreed and she told me she felt tingling … which continued after I finished as she continued around the store.

Another woman saw me further around the store and said something about the stress she was feeling – she was hosting her son’s wedding reception at her home and Christmas.  I agreed that that would be stressful.  She said thank you – I felt I had somehow seen her.

I came across her again.  I felt she had been watching me and was placing herself in my path.  She engaged me in further conversation during which I asked her if she would like me to pray for her.  She readily agreed saying she saw me over the other side praying for the other woman … “she had been watching me” I thought and she wanted prayer.

Her name was “Joy”.  Well I prayed for Joy … for Joy to be released into her destiny, and for joy (the Spirit of Joy) to come upon and within her … for her to receive “joy”, and to be Joy and all that that entailed … I also prayed into the other circumstances she had shared with me … all the while my 3 year old was wandering …

As I prayed I looked at her and said “you can feel that can’t you?”  She nodded and nearly started crying.  When I finished she looked at me and said she wondered if I knew some Christians on her street in a nearby suburb.

I thought “oh no … here we go” but then she told me their names and they were my Pastors!  She said I was just like them … she had been watching them, and now she had been watching me.  God was obviously on her case.  My pastors’ witness had impacted her, and it was no coincidence that I had come and prayed for.  I told her that I had not known why I had come to the shop but it was apparently for her … it was not a coincidence, God was on her case.

I wished her well and finished wandering through the shop.

Suffice to say, my barrel was empty today.  Like many people at this time of year, life is busy, children excited and their behaviour can be challenging, people make demands and others can be unkind, we can feel our barrel is empty … we have nothing of ourselves to give however … God’s barrel is never empty …despite me and my circumstances as I reached into my empty barrel God came through and touched three thirsty women all in the space of about one hour.  All needed a touch of God for different reasons …

As long as I will stop for the one, regardless of how I feel, regardless of me my God can and does move to touch a hurting world, and today I saw how His arm is long enough to embrace others, His grace is sufficient for my needs and His desires to be fulfilled, His barrel is deep enough and His power is ever available … despite me … if I will only stop for the one … and allow the river to flow, not only will He refresh me as He flows through me, but He will also show the world that …

God is Good.

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