Last Sunday I received the following message from a friend who is receiving the God is Good stories … she has caught the wind of the power of the testimony (thank you Bill Johnson) and taken a testimony for a friend’s daughter … prayed and released the testimony for the friends daughter … who saw breakthrough within 24 hours just like little S’s dad did (see below for blog reference).

She says:

“Just want to let you know that after reading your testimonies re destiny and doors opening, I claimed that same grace for a daughter of some dear friends, who was in great need of a break through with respect to doors of opportunity opening for her. (She had failed to be accepted into hospital placements even 2nd time around). Next day after doing this on her behalf she received an offer just as she had desired!!

The power of testimony. In fact the Lord told me this is how we are all equal in the Kingdom – we are able to take hold of each others’ testimonies.”

This made me so happy … I got really excited as I read this … there was such joy that welled up!  This beautiful woman of God took the promise contained in the testimony for another and released the power of it again to see someone she knew freed to walk into her destiny … it is like having a little bag of goodies that as we share our testimonies of God’s goodness we then have the resource to multiply the miracle … again … and again … I think our God is into multiplying more than just bread and fish … and as we release His goodness to others, as we co-labour with Him, with the simple utterance from our mouths … we will continue to see that …

God is Good!

Stories referred to are:

  1. Declaring destinies … last month’s prayer is an open door into a family and their destiny (Wednesday 10th November 2010) posted 11th November 2010 and
  2. Door to destiny opens … answer to prayer … and inviting God to “do again” and “again” (Monday 15th November 2010 and Wednesday 17th November 2010) posted 18th November 2010

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