Then later the same day … I found my treasure in Mentone …

I had written out the following (that I remember) for my treasure hunt list on Sunday night:
Trudi ? red hair, curly short

green eyes, yellow in them, Around eyes – rash – been crying? – red?

Sore wrist
Jeans, brown boots, blue shirt, … cannot remember the rest

Bakers Delight/Op Shop/Post Office

Yesterday I had prayed for a “Judy” not Trudi (see Myer is full of the Spirit posted Tuesday 30th November 2010) and she did cry (a lot) and was red around the eyes, she had a sore wrist (arthritis and I prayed for her hand) and she had reddish hair (although she denied it), it was in Myer (inside).
Judy had looked at the list yesterday and said it was not her … I hasten to add I think she was on the list but never to mind because I had kept the list and needed it this particular day … and I had kept looking.
At this stage I had not yet read Kevin Dedmon’s The Ultimate Treasure Hunt so I did not know you could have more than one treasure on a treasure hunt list …
I needed bread and sensing that God was up to something I waited for His timing … I felt to go about midday.  I “coincidentally” remembered my list, checked it over and looked for anyone to match my descriptions – again not feeling too sure since this was not how I usually prayed for people on the streets … with a list).  I looked around, bought bread from Bakers Delight, walked into the post office looking for someone to match the description, not really knowing what I was doing and feeling like a bit of a dill … and then outside the post office I saw a girl pushing a pram, limping who, I later realised, had been at the op shop because she had a big wooden second hand toy that looked like an op shop buy …
I spoke to her.  She had dislocated her knee.  She had done so many times, about 30 times, and this time was while lying in bed after which she ended up in the hospital’s emergency unit in the middle of the night.  She told me she was going to see a specialist about knee surgery.
I asked if I could pray and told her about Ahmed, from the same morning, who had torn ligaments in his shoulder. I told her how he had been raising his arm in surprise pain free (see part 1 of this story).
I knelt on the pavement and prayed, while my 3 year old held our bread.  I asked if she felt anything – telling her that sometimes people felt heat, cool tingles etc … She felt heat.
I asked her if the condition was hereditary, at least 3 generations.  It was (thank you Randy Clarke, Global Awakening) so I broke any curse off the family generational line and released blessing into her and her family … looked at her little girl and prayed for her daughter her too.
It was cold (12 degrees outside), I was kneeling on the pavement, the wind was freezing … she told me she felt warmth.  I continued to pray into it and asked her to check it out then and there but she said she did not have pain normally now – just that it was weak … on hearing this I touched her knee and released “strength”.  She said she felt the warmth through the tough bandage that kept her knee straight.  I said she may notice a change later when she took her bandage off.
I then told her that I had been looking for someone, a treasure, and I nervously showed her my list – she looked and as she did she became amazed … as did I!
She told me her husband had red hair, it was short and curly and he had green eyes with yellow in them.  He also had eczema – the rash.  She was showing me how she fitted the list …  I noted that her name was not Trudi, but I explained I had prayed for someone yesterday called Judy so that name may have been the woman from yesterday.  She looked at me and said it was freaky – I knew more about her than she did.  She kept the list to show her husband – a bit spun out I think.
I reiterated that she was the treasure, and explained how I got the list from asking God for someone He wanted to touch; I explained that she was God’s treasure for me to find and pray for healing.  I gave her my card so she could let me know how she got on.
God is obviously very economical … I think I got two missions on one page when I wrote out the list!
He makes me laugh … I had such doubt as I wrote out the treasure list … and I do prefer stopping as I feel led … as I go… but through this I see the power in the treasure hunt list … this girl could see the list, well she was so amazed that she kept it … I let her, keep the list not knowing that Kevin Dedmon suggests in that you keep it yourself.  Even so, she now has the list and it is verifiable evidence to her that God had His gaze on her … that He loved her enough to give a total stranger details about her life … that He loved her enough that he would send a stranger to kneel in the cold wet weather and pray for her, who would then nervously show her a list on which her personal details could be found … it is tangible evidence to her and to me that …
God is Good!

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