Earlier this year, the day after Myer was full of the Spirit and a prodigal daughter came home, Ahmed and Chris came to fix some curtains that had been playing up for months – it had been a most frustrating process but through this time God surely had something brewing, because, if there been no problem with the rod Ahmed would not have been at my house for me to pray for him.

The team were replacing a curtain rod when Ahmed said he was not doing any physical work because he had torn all the ligaments in his shoulder – it was sore and he could not lift it or move it at all.

I asked him if I could pray for him.

He agreed and I started to pray with my hand on his shoulder – feeling apprehensive and hoping God would show up.  I felt nothing and was nervous … this was not a complete stranger … but as I continued (rebuking the battle in my head) I gradually began to feel warmth under my hand and asked him if he could too.  He said “yes” and so, feeling encouraged, I kept praying and then asked him to check it out.  He said it was much better and he had better movement.  He said the pain and lack of movement was a 7; whereas, before, it was a 10.

I said “let’s keep praying” and as I prayed again I felt the warmth again.  I prayed quietly that he would have dreams and visions and see the truth about God (I think he is a Muslim) and kept praying for and releasing healing, releasing the Holy Spirit on and in him.  The warmth continued.

He then tried it out again and said “gosh” and tentatively moved it above his head in circular movements … with a look of surprise –he had not been able to raise his arm without pain before I had prayed.

I prayed again to rid him of the remnant of the pain and I then left him to it – rasing his arm above his head, looking amazed.

He came downstairs later and said it would be interesting to see what the medical expert would have to say about it – he had an appointment that afternoon.  I laughed and said it would be funny if he was told that it was all healed and mentioned a story I had heard about a person who needed heart surgery, people had prayed for him and when the surgeons opened him up they found nothing needed to be done.

God is Good!

Post Script: I have promised to tell it like it is so … A few months later Ahmed did end up having the surgery.  I was disappointed, but regardless, his arm was definitely pain free when he left our home that day and he had full movement.  He had tasted the goodness of God, the healing power of Jesus Christ … As for “the why” I do not know the answer, but I do know I have much to learn and I do believe that one day soon we will see the “Ahmeds” in Australia irreversibly healed in Jesus Christ’s name because …

God is good!

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