We were on our way home on a Sunday afternoon (14th November 2010) and R and I decided to go to David Jones to buy her annual Christmas decoration … yes our tree is up already.

We had decided on just the right decoration and were paying for our find when I looked at the sales person T and asked if she had anything she needed prayer for.  She queried me, so I explained and she said “no” so I asked if I could just “bless her”.  She agreed and so I held her hand and blessed her and released favour on and into her.  She looked moved by the experience and R and I went on with our next “purchase” – gift for her dad.

Later I was downstairs at Southland and went to buy some fruit and vegetables.  I placed my purchase on the counter and looked up at N who was putting the purchase through.  She looked tired and I felt compassion for her so I asked her how she was.  She said tired – she had worked 8 weeks straight with her first day off the day before and felt that having the day off had made her more tired.  I asked her if it was a family business, figuring it must be – she said it was.

I offered to pray for her, and she looked at me exclaiming “Would you really do that? That would be great.”  I waited while she served another customer and I then took her hand, invited the Holy Spirit to come and started to release vigour, strength, joy, peace.  I felt I had a word of knowledge about her sleep and level of anxiety and asked her about it, she agreed she had been struggling with these and so I released more peace, I asked for angelic intervention and declared she would sleep well etc.

Naturally I prayed all of this in the name of Jesus.

Then, in a clear firm voice I “heard” in my head, the word “job”.  In that split second I decided to step out and rather than ask I just looked at her and said quietly “you are looking for a new job aren’t you.” She gasped and before she replied I released favour and declared that the right doors would open and the right job would come for her, that she would be able to leave where she was currently working easily and that she would be freed.

She had tears in her eyes.  The anointing was strong.  I asked her if she felt anything – she said she felt “energy”, she said she had never felt energy like that, she said it was very powerful energy … she said she believed in energy. I let it go, knowing that God wanted to show her His goodness and that He would sort out the detail, it was one more example of His love for her.

She thanked me with tears in her eyes and I wished her the very best for the future … and I know that she will make her way because …

God is Good!

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