Saturday afternoon we were heading home as a family and decided to stop and have pancakes at the Pancake Parlour.

We enjoyed our meals, watched our children play chess beautifully (their version of the game) and were leaving when I noticed a woman getting up to leave from the booth next to ours with walking crutches.

I felt to offer to pray, approached her and asked her what she had done with herself.  She looked at me and said she had MS (multiple sclerosis) – I thought “ooooh”, but then chose to think “no issue for God” and ignored the doubt in my mind.  I told her I was a Christian, that God healed today and offered to pray, but sadly she said “no thank you” (I told you I would tell you the “misses” as well).  She then said she had meant to come to talk to me and tell me what beautiful children we had and how beautifully they played – I agreed (well they are beautiful and they do play beautifully together).  I said thank you and she left.

The following day or two I was listening to Global Awakenings Healing School 2 teachings and I heard a testimony of MS healed … I felt sad that she had not let me pray, but I also know that as long as I offer and leave it to God, it is then their choice to accept or decline …

What was lovely about the scene was that she did notice a difference about our children, I identified myself as a Christian and offered to pray and so I believe that the episode has planted a seed …  there was something different about us that she noticed in our children.  The whole “encounter” I trust has planted a seed, she will perhaps consider the moment later, perhaps ponder on it … and I trust that the seed will grow, that God will grow it … He will bring others to her to offer His goodness to her, one plants the seed, another waters, and I hope and pray that another will harvest for …

God is Good.

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