Door to destiny opens…answer to prayer…and inviting God to “do again” and “again” Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th November 2010

I was at school pick up and I saw the wife of B who I had prayed for on Wednesday 10th November 2010 … I prayed that he would be released into his destiny, that doors would open and that he would have clarity regarding his future.

When I saw B’s wife (and little S’s mum) I asked how B had got on since last week, was there any news regarding his job?  She said that a contract had been received on Thursday 11th November 2010 (the following day … within 24 hours!).  This was a contract with a large corporation, a contract that had been in the pipe line for many months and that had been held up and held up … promises had been made but there was never any follow through.  Well the contract of employment was received on Thursday, signed that day and B quit his other job the following day, on the Friday … all before the weekend …

God is Good …

Well, yesterday I was at Safeway and saw a woman setting up a cordial tasting desk.  She offered the kids a drink and as I finished going through the check out I looked back at her and felt I needed to go to offer her prayer.

I approached her, offered to pray and she said “are you a prayer?”  I said yes and found out that her husband needed a job; he needed doors to open for him, she explained that doors were not opening.  So I told the above testimony and prayed inviting God to do the same … I trust the doors will open for him … she was excited and said she hoped she would see me again one day to let me know …

Well, later again yesterday I was at the school twilight Christmas fete and stopped at a friends “kiosk”.  We spoke briefly and then she mentioned that her husband had taken a redundancy package and they had come home to Australia from Singapore, but that he had not managed to get a job since … my ears pricked up – two in one day was too coincidental so I offered to pray and told the testimony (that I had just clarified with B himself at the market) explaining that a testimony is an invitation for God to “do again” (thank you Bill Johnson).  I placed my hand on her shoulder inviting Holy Spirit to come.  I felt the anointing and I prayed … at one point she made a noise of surprise as I prayed … I do not know why and did not ask since she had people milling about looking at her products but I can only assume it was good … and we parted with us both saying how excited we both were to see what will happen in the future for her husband …

God is good!



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