I was at school pick up and saw little S and her Dad.

I had prayed for little S who was healed of a nasty cold a few weeks ago and due to God’s goodness her Mum was able to attend a school excursion to the zoo (4year old healed at school … Mum goes on zoo excursion dated 25th October 2010).

I asked little S’s dad how they were.  He said stay away, he was ill, as was little S who had been running a nasty fever.  I sat next to him anyway.

Little S ran up to me and I asked if she wanted me to pray for her … she nodded, so I invited her onto my lap and held her as I prayed.  I felt the heat leave her little face.  She acknowledged she could feel “it”.

I asked her, “shall we pray for daddy?” and she nodded, so I looked at her dad and he nodded so with little S on my lap I placed my hand on his arm and prayed for him to be healed.

As I prayed I asked him if he could feel “it” (the anointing) he said “yes”.  I kept praying and felt that he had not been sleeping well.  I asked him about this – he agreed this was the case – I then said there had been a lot of anxiety and he again agreed.  I asked if he was making some big decisions and he replied that he was making decisions about his work.  I nodded, feeling grateful to God that I had heard “right” since I had taken a real leap of faith in spekaing what I was discerning (it was a leap for me anyway!).

I started to pray into this … I declared open doors that would not be shut, for wisdom and guidance, for his way to be made clear.  I declared him released into his destiny, freedom to be all that he was called to be.  I released hope, peace and acceptance, for the spirit of adoption to come and for him to be received wherever he went … I gave him the favour A and I had and spoke the favour of man and the favour of God on his life.

As I declared he nodded … I felt it was being acknowledged by him as being “truth” … I felt that he was being released into his destiny, the possibilities were amazing … he thanked me and said that we had to hold onto the “good energy” I agreed, knowing God is not a legalist and would not mind if I did not enter a discussion about it being Jesus … etc …

Later that day it occurred to me what we are called to do as the Body of Christ … it seemed so simple, yet the significance of it is overwhelming …

We are to go … and as we go release and declare God’s purposes into people’s lives … into places.  I knew this, but I sort of got it that we are changing destinies as we go …

I felt the potential enormity of it all as I later spoke to a friend about the experience and realised that we have the power to release people into their destinies … yes they have to cooperate, but we can release them … we impact the future, not just the now … the prayer for little S’s healing on 25th October 2010, opened the door to her father, to her family … he had heard, tasted and seen God’s goodness – he and his wife had discussed what had happened to little S … and so he was open to it for himself … therefore a destiny could be released, God’s kindness could be tasted for himself, the course of an entire family, of future generations altered through a declaration of God’s purposes into a life.

A little girl healed, a life changed, a destiny released … we are called to be great – regardless of audience.  We are called to a life of magnificence … What we are doing is important, even if it is hidden in the natural … for it releases into the spiritual an essence, which once released, alters lives, alters substance and alters destinies …

For God is Good.

PS: I saw little S and her Dad this morning at school drop off.  He said S’s fever was gone.  She slept well.  I said I was looking forward to seeing how the rest unfolds for him … he smiled at me and said he was looking forward to it too.

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