M and I were up at R’s school to help with literacy.  One of the girls had a very itchy eye.  It had flared up and was very red.  She had tried cold water to no effect.

 I was working with her group, looked at her at said “stop rubbing and I will pop my hand on it” … I placed my hand to the side of the eye, and on her head and released healing.  I asked her if it was feeling a bit better.  She said “yes”, and went to rub again, so I placed my hand on her again as the teacher asked “is everything alright?”  I replied it was, and she nodded at the teacher as I prayed quietly, and the itch stopped as the teacher watched and the girl got on with her work, the redness receding.

M and I finished up the session of literacy and we headed home.

Later I had to quickly get some milk … I was having friends over for an impromptu lunch.  Coles was closer and I was in a hurry, but I felt God was saying “Safeway”, so I headed up to Safeway, wondering who my assignment might be …

I did my shopping, forgetting that I should have been looking for my assignment, until I got to check out … I looked at the check out person and thought “… well, you must be it”.  I noticed the cross on her necklace and so did not explain anything – I just asked her if I could pray for her.  She looked a bit surprised, I said “give me your hand” (I was in a hurry!) and I said “what do you need prayer for?”  She said “nothing”, but then she said her daughter was doing exams …

I asked what her daughter’s name was, felt the anointing flow onto us and I prayed for her daughter.  I then felt to release peace into their home.  I rebuked the spirit of strife, and released peace.  She teared up a bit.  I looked at her and said that she must have been my assignment, that God had wanted me to pray for someone here … I then said “have a great day” and off we went … with our milk and other goodies, looking forward to seeing our beautiful friends for lunch.

A little story – but God is Good … and as we go, we can change the atmosphere … the atmosphere we are in and the atmosphere that we pray into at distance – for nothing is impossible for our Good God!

God is Good!




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