I was dropping R off at school and a baby bird was being chased by a pack of grade one students.  I said to R that I would take the bird to the animal shelter.  I got a box, got the bird, said goodbye to R.

As I was leaving the school building there was a little poppet who looked like she had been crying.  This little person had been labelled by parents and kids as “the bully”, but through observation and listening to the “story behind the scenes” I had a hunch that although she could be very unkind it was primarily a love starved child desperate for attention … and perhaps her Mother was too … her Mother reportedly cared more about her dogs than her little girl.

I looked down at the little girl, who cried as she spoke to me about the little bird I had rescued.  She asked me if the bird was dead and told me that one of the boys had stoned its mother … I could see her heart of compassion, she had mercy for the little creature so helpless …

I looked at her and asked if she wanted a cuddle.  She nodded.  As I gave her a cuddle I released the Kingdom of Heaven, peace, joy and love.  She quieted as I did so, and I wondered what effect the prayer would have, hoping that the impact would change a destiny, that the mercy and compassion I had seen in her for a little bird and its mother, would now express itself towards others, and hoped that she would direct that heart of kindness towards her fellow students, and other people as she grew.

Who can know the impact of prayer … even the most “unlovable” of us has an imprint of Him, His goodness and His kindness – its there, even if it is hidden … if we who know our Father in Heaven would just release Him, let Him out, release His Kingdom into others and into atmospheres, we just might see hearts soften, atmospheres change, the “unlovable” become lovable and be transformed – if we would just release Him, He is then free to do what He does so well … transform lives, families, communities and ultimately … nations!

For … God is Good.

PS: the bird was dropped off safely and I was told that we would get a report.  As I drove to the shelter I prayed resurrection life and sang praise to God (with Brian and Jenn Johnson’s “Undone” CD – highly recommended), trusting that His Glory would take good care of the little bird in a box in the boot of my car.

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