M and I stopped at a park in Brightonon our way home from some chores in Church Street.

We sat and had lunch and M had a play.  A few remarks were made by the Mum’s and carers about the cold wind, and eventually there were just M and myself left in the park, with a carer and her two young charges.

As we chatted I found out that she was 60 years old, a very very active member of her local Church, running outreaches through the World Vision Mentoring programme for disadvantaged children in her local schools (she headed up about 60 people), she had helped in kids church for years, had been a dental nurse and was now nannying for a change of direction, being responsible for two young children of 4 and 2.

As we chatted I discovered that her two daughters had struggled to conceive, and her elder daughter had just had her first baby after much heart ache.  I told her my own story of how R came about, and how many others I knew had received the promised gift of a child within months of being prayed for.  I asked if she would like me to pray for her daughter to conceive, and for her to receive the gift of healing.

She said “yes” and so two strangers in the park, brought together by a loving God, stood and prayed together for a woman yearning the gift of a child and when done I imparted the gift of healing through the laying on of hands … the anointing was just discernible over the cold wind and our hands heated up somewhat … well, they got a bit sweaty.  I encouraged her to take the gift and to give it away, to lay hands on the sick and I prophesied that she would see them healed … the outcome of the prayers will be known in Heaven one day …

A coincidence in timing …? I rather think it was a divine appointment.  Two women meeting to have a chat about a common love of a mighty God, a divine appointment for one to receive a gift from God for her daughter and for those that she came into contact with … a gift of healing in the form of a seed for her to carry and grow, so that she is now more fully equipped to touch those for God that only she can touch, in a world that is so desperate to discover that God is real and He cares … a gift passed on to yet one more of God’s mighty warriors …

God is Good!

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