M and I were out dropping some things off at the local opp shop and on our way to the bank when I noticed a young guy with crutches at the ATM. I walked past and felt God prompt me, but tried to ignore it (I know …! But I am being honest!).  I had battled in the morning with tears for L and M (double pneumonia/heart issues) and for more of God and I just did not really feel like stopping …

Anyway, I got in the bank line and thought, “what the heck, I am in a queue anyway … and I did ask for more from God, so here goes …” so I went back out and asked if he wanted prayer.  He said yes telling me that someone else had offered to pray for him too in the area … Mmmm I thought God is on his case …. Good!

We sat at a bench. I prayed.  He said he felt a blockage and motioned to his chest so I asked him about forgiveness issues, which he then said he could forgive some but not all.

We had a chat about this and I kept praying, and his leg started to shake.  The pain intensified and I told the Spirit of infirmity to get out.  His leg kept shaking.  He found it strange.  He tried out the leg and said it was about 50% better – his whole knee cap had been knocked off in a building accident.

I suggested he try forgiving the rest … he said he could and I asked him if he wanted Jesus … then he started talking about “issues” he had about Jesus, and said he could not ask him into his heart and so figured he could not be healed – I said that was not true and rattled off some stories about non-Christians being healed and keeping their healings even though they never became Christians and I went back to praying, but I also repeated a few testimonies about how people kept free of infliction by asking Jesus into their hearts.

In any case, M was playing on the pavement all this time, and the guy just kept on having prayer.  I wondered to myself how long I should keep going, but thought well as long as I get to the bank it will be ok so I kept going … I thought when should I stop, but thought about how Randy Clark said keep praying until they are well or until they tell you to stop (or God says that is enough I figured) but no one said stop, so some 15 minutes later, I am still praying and he ends up saying he had to go …

I did my banking and then M and I went for a milk shake at a local coffee shop.

As we sat I saw an elderly woman making her way slowly very to the podiatrists.  She asked me the time and I felt God wanted me to pray for her.  She was sitting in the sunshine waiting for the time to pass before her appointment.

I asked her if I could pray for her – she said yes and that I was the second blond girl with shoulder length hair that had prayed for her in the area that day … Mmmm … “God is on your case” I said (“Good” – I thought).  I also thought excitedly “perhaps there is more than one of us” – Christian prayers on the streets in this suburb that is, … not blondes!  So I prayed.  She tried it out and moved a bit more quickly, a bit more easily, I had a few prophetic words and I prayed them in.  We chatted and I prayed some more.  I then felt to ask her if she wanted Jesus in her heart.  She really wanted to say yes – for me – but she said she could not with all honesty do so …

She told me her walking problem was a family issue (all her 4 sisters and 3 brothers had the same thing) and that it was a circulation issue through her legs so I prayed to the issue and we talked about death (how her siblings had died), dying, suicide, euthanasia, and a host of other things including her dead husband and his faith.  She told me how she had seen things, been protected over the years, bad dreams had been stopped with a cross placed over her bed by a daughter …

I prayed some more, and explained that it was not complicated to ask Jesus into her heart and that it was not just about going to church but about a relationship with Jesus, I told her that if she wished to do so to just say “Jesus come into my heart please” … or something along those lines and I wished her well giving her a little cuddle and a kiss on the cheek.

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