Last Monday (25th October) M and I headed up to school with our two dogs for R to “show and tell”.  After, I had some time before “pick up” and felt to walk the perimeter of the school praying.  As I went I bound slander, gossip, unkindness … I released the Kingdom of Heaven including the spirit of loving kindness, joy, peace, health, righteousness, purity …

I then collected R and as we made our way through the throng of people with bags, dogs, children etc, I stopped to chat to a friend who also had a Grade 1 and who had a 4 year old daughter called “S”.  I knelt down in front of S who was in a stroller to say “hello” and lifted her sunglasses – her gaze was glassy and her mum said that she was not well having woken from her sleep off colour … she was coming down with a nasty cold.

After gaining permission to pray I laid my hand on S’s chest and invited Holy Spirit to come.  The anointing came swiftly.  I looked at S and said “you felt that didn’t you?” She nodded.  Her Mum watched on as her daughter visibly relaxed and “melted” into the presence of God.  It was very obvious and her Mum expressed surprise as I continued to pray.

I felt that S had sore ears.  I asked her and she nodded so I laid hands on her ears, prayed, and asked if the pain had left – she nodded.  I then felt she had pain in her head.  I asked her if she did – S nodded again.  I laid hands on her head and prayed and then asked if the pain had gone – she nodded.  The Mother then mentioned that she thought she was also coming down with the same thing, so as I prayed for S I placed my hand on the Mother’s forehead, who by this time was crouching down by the pram with me.

I finished praying, and our “moment” was interrupted by others and so my friend headed off home.

Later than evening I called to see how S was.  I held my breath as I received the answer … her Mum said that she had kept her quiet for a little while at home, but then she seemed fine, and was, as we spoke, flat out riding her tricycle on the pavement outside – healthy as ever.

My friend said she would not be able to go to the Zoo excursion the next day with her son (a highlight of the school year) if S was not well enough to go to childcare, and so my friend was delighted at her daughter’s sudden healing – expressing amazement at it all again.  I mentioned that it was not in God’s will for her daughter to be sick, but for her daughter to be well.  I said I would pray that S slept well and that it would not come back at her daughter over night.

That night I woke a few times and continued to pray for S and to my delight I saw my friend getting on the bus to go on the school excursion with her older child the following day … she told me that S was completely well having slept peacefully the whole night through from 7pm to 7am without waking once.

The lovely post script to this story is that a day or two after, little S saw me while being held in her Mother’s arms.  As soon as she saw me she said “still coughing”.  Her Mum laughed saying that was all that was wrong with her.

I looked S in the eyes and said something like “that is not for you”.  I popped my hand on her chest, told that cough to go in Jesus name and the presence of God came again.  I looked little S in the eyes and said to her “you felt that didn’t you” she nodded as her Mother watched … her Mother said what healing hands I had to which I said something like – there was no sickness in Heaven, it did not belong in her daughter, that God wanted S well and for my friend to be free to be able to go on the school excursion just as she did …

God is Good.

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