We had a lovely time away last weekend by the beach.  We stayed in a sea side town with my in-laws and husband and children.

I stopped and prayed for a few different individuals, blessing them and “giving” them favour – favour that we “impart” or “give away” as often as we can so people can “taste and see that God is good”.  We even released joy in a few stores and noticed a marked shift in atmospheres after being served by grumpy people, who changed their demeanour after we released the Kingdom of God and Joy.  It was working out to be a lovely beach weekend for all …

On the Saturday afternoon we popped into a used book store with my family and in-laws.  It was a store that I had noticed had its lease up for sale in the local real estate agents. I mentioned it to the store owner – a lady in her mid to late 60’s.

She said the lease and the business were for sale, that she had a business elsewhere in another town and wanted to sell this one… stating that the price in the real estate window should have been reduced – she indicated that she was open to nearly any sort of offer.

I then felt to, in fact just wanted to, pray for her.  I offered to do so and placed my hand on her arm.

As I did, the anointing came in such a lovely sweet way.  I declared favour and that the business and lease would sell and that she would taste and see that God was good – that provision and abundance and blessing would be hers in the name of Jesus.  The anointing increased in waves … she started to cry and look embarrassed.  I said it was ok. I told her that she was feeling God and that another young girl up in town a few months ago had the same experience and wept as she felt God come.

I kept praying.  The tears continued.  I saw my in-laws coming through the store, but felt to keep praying, and the woman removed her glasses to wipe away the tears … the anointing sweeping over the two of us – it was delicious if such a thing could be said of our lovely God.

She then explained that she did not think she was “good at praying”.  I suggested it was merely a conversation with God.  We had a bit of a chat about that and I confirmed that there was no condemnation in Christ … she needed to ignore such thoughts since they were not from God and should not be given any credence.

We left after buying a few books – she was visibly shaken and blinking away the tears.

She has our details … so perhaps we will hear how she tasted and saw that God is good!

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