Prayer at Kindy – Monday Arvo 11 October 2010

We popped into R’s old kindy after school to donate some items and for R to say “hello” to her old kindy teacher Mrs D.  While chatting to Mrs D we met a new kindy assistant who Mrs D said went to a local church, thinking we may go to the same place – we didn’t, we exchanged polite greetings and we kept talking to Mrs D.

As the new assistant was leaving she mentioned that she had to collect her son to take him to cricket training, but then mentioned that he may not go because she had received a call from him that he had been suffering from a headache. 

God instantly gave me the word “water” for him, and so feeling a little foolish I asked her if he drank enough water … she said someone else had asked that and that she would encourage him to do so.  

Just as she was leaving I then felt God encourage me to pray for him with her and so I asked her if we could pray for her son.  She said “yes” and so I stood holding her hand and prayed for healing for her son, for the headaches to leave and not come back, and for Godly wisdom for her 15 year old to drink more water and to stay hydrated.

The anointing came, and it felt lovely!  

She was surprised, pleased, and I could see she was touched as well. 

God is Good!



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3 thoughts on “Prayer at Kindy – Monday Arvo 11 October 2010

  1. Reblogged this on God is Good and commented:

    This was a very early “stepping out” and while it may seem a mundane testimony, it wasn’t. For me, it was a huge step of faith … hearing a word of knowledge and stepping out to ask if it was relevant (and you will see I was the second person to ask the question so I think she got her answer in “2 or 3 witnesses”). It was also huge to even offer to pray, not just to couch the suggestion of water in everyday terms, I had a strong urging to pray … and she was touched …
    In addition, while the sense of the anointing is not always present, I left the encounter greatly blessed and drenched in the Love of God … I was greatly encouraged and blessed, as was she purely because … God is Good!

  2. Great story about stepping out in faith! And WATER! So important and so simple that we forget how much we need it. There are so many problems our bodies have that can be remedied if we would just drink more of the stuff! God is good!

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