We went away for the weekend with the extended family to a farm in the Western District of Victoria.  The whole area was wet from the recent rains and the river through the farm was flowing for the first time in years. 

During a chat on our last day, with the farmer’s wife, I found out that there was a serious threat from locusts.  She said if they were not stopped before they hatched they could decimate whole areas, with nothing to stop them – only diversionary tactics could be used (smoke, chilli oils etc). 
As she spoke I thought of Neil and Jan Dowling’s testimony about how when still on the land he or Jan, had prayed and pleaded the blood of Jesus over his farm and when the locusts came they flew over his (Neil’s) property leaving his property alone.  I wanted to say something, but didn’t since I was with others who may have scoffed at me.
Soon after I was chatting to her alone and as we chatted she coughed badly. I felt prompted to offer to pray for her.  I worried about my extended family – what they would think and say if they saw me – but offered anyway, figuring that I had nothing to lose and she could be healed.
So, I offered to pray.  She said “yes”, so I placed my hand on her back and commanded the sickness to go, for health to come, and welcomed the Holy Spirit, praying that the Kingdom of Heaven would come in and upon her and onto the land.  I also felt to pray a blessing over her and her family.
I then stopped and said there was no sickness in Heaven – she agreed.  I then went on to say that there was no devouring by locusts in Heaven either and she agreed.  I then saw the opportunity to tell her about the miracle that Neil and Jan experienced and decided to take the leap of faith and offer to pray for the land (the farm and her family) to be protected and blessed.
I told her the Dowling’s testimony (as best I could remember it) and asked her if she would like me to pray for her land.  She said “yes” and pointed out a field she wanted protected in particular from any locusts.  She seemed greatly encouraged by Neil and Jan’s testimony and acknowledged that such miracles can happen. 
I said I would just stand in the paddock – thinking it would be too far to walk the entire boundary and pray and I encouraged her to walk the land herself with a Bible in her hand and to claim God’s protection and blessings to be released.  I told her that I could “see” her doing so and said it was not for any super-religious reason that she carry the Bible, just that it was the picture I got for her to do and so it would be good to do that way. 
I then set off and as I walked up to the paddock I cut curses off the land and family and I decreed a release of the blessing over the land, the family and the community.  A met and joined me for the start of the field, but then I felt prompted to walk the boundary of the field.  I ended up walking the entire boundary praying as I went, pleading the blood of Jesus Christ over the land, on the boundary and praying that the family would taste and see that God is good.  As I prayed I sensed that they would taste and see that God is good. 
I felt a bit funny out there in the rain but I listened to what God asked me to do …  knowing that my extended family may be wondering where I was.
I am now looking forward to hearing the testimonies of protection and great blessing that comes to the land, the family, the animals and the community in the future.
I did not get a chance to chat to the farmer’s wife after I prayed.  She was heading into town when we had our chat (to get lunch and a present for her daughter who coincidentally had the same birthday as my daughter – a coincidence that was not lost on her).  I have texted and offered to pray some more if they desire/require it … I have also said I would love to hear how they get on, so hopefully I will receive a great report in the near future – regardless though, what was great was that she was so open to it all, and I trust that they will all see that God is good!
Post Script: A few days after sending the text message I received this reply from the Farmer’s wife:
“ … thank you so much for your lovely text it means a lot to us that you took such a personal spiritual interest in us it means more than you can know …”

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