It has been suggested to me that I should blog these accounts of God’s Goodness and my walk with God – I am going to give this a go although I am quite illiterate about blogs, twitters, computers etc …

I will do my best.  So anyone who is reading this – please be patient and I will see how I get on doing this.

The main aim of all of this is to highlight God’s goodness; His kindness; His mercy; His sense of humour; His love; His joy and His passion for us and those around us … to highlight the sense of joy and the sheer excitement and fun of co-labouring with God, and how, if I can do this … anyone can! 

It has been on my heart for some time to start writing up and sharing my adventures with God stories – the amazing startling joyful “wins” and the not so great but incredibly beneficial “learning experiences”.

So, I encourage any of you to give walking with God a go … and watch as God goes to work … in and through you.  If you are anything like me you will be shocked, amazed and delighted at what He is willing to do in and through you …

Its fun and it sure beats anything else I have done!

With blessings,

God is good!

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