On about the 21st of April 2009 (Tuesday afternoon) I felt to pop in and ask R’s teacher (R, my daughter was in prep) how she was doing regarding some vertigo that she had been suffering from earlier that year.

 She said she was doing ok.  I told her that we had been praying for her and offered to pray for her then and there.

 She said she would give anything a go and so we headed into the prep class room and I prayed for her.

She felt a real calm and she said she felt very relaxed.

Recognising that the Holy Spirit was moving on her I asked her if she had ever asked Christ into her heart.

She said that she had gone to church but no she had not.

I asked if she wanted to and she said “yes”.

I prayed with her (quickly since she had a meeting to go to).  I then quickly explained to her the gift of the Holy Spirit and tongues (that it was a weapon for her to use to keep her healing) and I asked if she wanted it.

She said yes and she received the Holy Spirit and started to speak in a very basic tongues.

I gave her some new Christian teaching the following day.

The next afternoon a Mum asked if everything was ok since I had spent quite some time with our teacher.  I said yes that I had been praying for the teacher.

This friend of mine I have been “walking and talking” with for about 3 months – she has noticed the peace that I seem to recognisably carry and she asked where/how I got it and so it opened a discussion about my faith and she said she felt she would like to explore Christianity with me as a journey.

Well I mentioned this day that I had prayed for our children’s teacher then asked about her day.  She said she had been fighting a dreadful migraine and that she had taken pain killers but that they had not yet worked.

I asked her if she would like prayer and we stopped on the edge of the footpath with our two two year olds in the prams as other parents walked past and I prayed.

The pain lifted and she said she felt foggy so I prayed that the deaf mute spirit leave (prayer tip from an intercessor friend of mine about the foggy feeling) and prayed for clarity and peace for her.

She then said she felt the pain had gone.

We then continued on to get our girls.

The following day at school drop off I asked how she had got on.  She told me that the pain had gone completely after prayer (I did note that she had taken pain killers before I prayed for her but the pain had gone/lifted) and then she told me that she had had the best sleep ever and had been able to sleep 8 hours straight without a wake up and she felt great – I think this was God showing off! 

Don’t you just love it!  He gave her an extra (a great sleep) just to let her know He was at work because …

God is Good!

NOTE: for next instalment of this story of this girl see Friday 8th May 2009

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