Welcome to a place of community, connection and coaching.

My name is Beth Kennedy and together with my husband Andrew, we believe God wants to enrich your life.

We invite you to join one of our vibrant community groups and workshops to highlight God’s goodness; His kindness; His mercy; His sense of humour; His love; His joy and His passion.

Our walk with God is for you and for those around you.

We experience sheer joy, a sense of excitement and fun as we co-labour with God. I can attest that if Andrew and I can do this… anyone can!

The stories on this website include the amazing, startling work of God.

We run worldwide weekly soaking groups, community groups and prophetic training groups to encourage, empower and equip people who want to give walking with God a go. What that looks like for each individual is different. Your sphere of influence is different to any one else’s, and how you impact the world around you is unique to you.

Our hope for you is that you will be shocked, amazed and delighted at what He is willing to do in and through you to impact the world. In this way you will learn that … God is Good!

Plans for 2021:

We will continue with Sitting at the Feet of the Father which is predominantly a soaking/growing group. You simply cannot spend time in God’s Presence and not be transformed.

We will also be running a prophetic community training group which will be the start of a local and international prophetic community. The local group may start meeting on a monthly basis. International groups will be run on zoom. This group will include training in prophetic protocols and with a view to developing your gifts in a safe accountable environment. Our heart for for this community is that it’s safe to learn, grow, make mistakes, and ask questions.

Neither group is to draw you away from your church, but rather to empower equip and release you into your sphere of influence, dripping without the honey of Heaven as you go. 

With love,

Beth & Andrew xx