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Our passion is to equip & empower you to step
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Hearing God from a place of intimacy

FREE teaching for those with a heart for greater intimacy with God and want to impact their community with His goodness everywhere they go.

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Join one of our vibrant prophetic training groups, and/or practising His Presence groups,  or read some of the many God is Good Stories where you will experience God’s goodness, kindness, mercy, sense of humour and His passion for the one.


“Your walk with God is for you and for those around you.”

…a place of community, connection, coaching and fun
Beth Kennedy
god is good stories

 Beth Kennedy

An internationally accredited trainer with Prophetic Company Global, and presenter with Empower 2000, Beth’s passion is to activate and equip the Body of Christ to step into the fullness of maturity. 

Beth has guest taught at Bible colleges, spoken at various churches, and equipped many individuals to hear from God for themselves.

Andrew & Beth equip and coach people to connect deeply with the Father. In so respond they learn to hear and respond to His voice in everyday life. They run worldwide online prophetic training groups, practising the presence groups and host a prophetic community in Melbourne, Australia to empower and equip Christians from all walks of life.

Their apostolic oversight is Isi & Fini de Gersigny of Jubilee Church, Sydney.


Beth Kennedy

“your sphere of influence is different to any one else’s; and how you impact the world around you is unique to you”


Our hope for you is that you will be amazed and delighted at what God is willing to do in and through you to impact the world around you. In daily adventures you will taste and see that…

God is Good!

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James Goll

Beth Kennedy, you are a true prophetic intercessor. You are an Anna. You are very revelatory, prophetically gifted, and a true convergence of the priest and the prophet.

– James Goll Apostle/Prophet MWJG 7th October 2020 God Encounters Ministries

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Dan McCollam

Beth you are a brilliant strategist. A prophet, with an apostolic grace on your life that can envision and see potential pathways, potential wine skins.

– Dan McCollam Prophet 14th September 2021 Co-Founder of Prophetic Company Global

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